Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect, Black

(9 customer reviews)

Brand Duraflame
Material Metal
Color Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH 13.07 x 24 x 23.4 inches
Item Weight 28.6 Pounds
  • 5,200 BTU heater provides supplemental zone heating for up to 1,000 square feet to help you save money.
  • Patent pending 3D flame effect technology features realistic flames that dance on and behind the logs, including five adjustable color, brightness, and speed settings.
  • The infrared quartz heat helps to maintain the natural humidity in the air, resulting in comfortable heat without drying out the room’s.
  • Overheat protection, heater will instantly shut off to prevent overheating. Volts : 120. Amps : 12.5.
  • Adjustable, digital thermostat allows you to decide the temperature of your room.






On a cold night, warm up to 1,000 square feet with this infrared quartz electric stove. The infrared quartz heat helps to maintain the natural humidity in the air, resulting in comfortable heat that doesn’t dry out the room’s air. This electric stove features a durable metal body construction with side viewing windows and an operable, beveled glass door. Patent pending 3D flame effect technology offers a layered flame effect to create a truly realistic fire experience with five adjustable brightness settings. The realistic flame effect with a glowing log and ember bed can be operated with or without heat, providing the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire all year long. This stove is easy to assemble and can be operated with the control panel on the unit or with the included remote. Manufactured and distributed by Twin-Star International, Inc., under license from Duraflame, Inc. duraflame, the flame symbol and logo are registered trademarks of Duraflame, Inc.

Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect

The Duraflame Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove is the perfect addition to any room, especially in small living spaces, to add heat exactly where it’s needed. It’s convenient, easily portable, and good for use around children and pets.

This Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove is easy to move wherever it’s needed and infrared heat helps maintain the natural humidity in the room, for a comfortable heat that doesn’t dry out the air.


  • 5,200 BTU heater warms up to 1,000 square feet
  • 3D flame effect for more realistic effect
  • Adjustable thermostat for more control of environment
  • Remote control
  • Flame effect operates with or without heat
  • Cool to the touch – safe around kids and pets

Why choose a Duraflame Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove?


Realistic 3D Flame Effect

Watching the flames dance just got better with our patent-pending 3D flame effect*. Flames dance on and behind the logs, with five adjustable brightness settings that feels like being in front of a real wood-burning fireplace, without the mess and hassle. Five adjustable brightness settings let you customize the look of the flame effect to suit the room, the weather, even your mood.

Year Round Ambiance

As the outdoor air temperature changes, you can enjoy the relaxing quality of the dancing flames and glowing ember bed of a fire year-round without getting too warm. A great addition to your décor, your electric stove heater creates a stylish atmosphere no matter the season when you use the flame effect even without heat.

Infrared Advantages

Like standing in the rays of the sun, infrared technology produces heat that warms you instantly, even as it heats a large area. Plus, infrared heat helps you create a healthier home environment because its gentle heat maintains natural humidity in the air, rather than drying air out, so your family’s skin and airways don’t dry out either. Infrared heating also reduces static electricity, unlike traditional heaters.

Zone Heating Saves You Money

Zone Heating is a simple way to save money. In many homes, certain rooms, like bedrooms, dens, and basements, may not be occupied all day long. With zone heating you can shut off heated air blown in different sections, or zones, so unoccupied space doesn’t get heated. Turning down your thermostat by 10 – 15 degrees for 8 hours can bring you significant savings.

Zone Heating is Green

Zone heating means your family can be more energy efficient by heating only the rooms that are occupied at any given time thereby reducing carbon footprint and doing your part for the environment.

Zone Heating Gives You More Choice

Zone heating gives each member of the household more control to keep the room they’re in set to a comfortable temperature for them.

Zone Heating Helps Extend Furnace and A/C Life

Zone heating can even help to reduce wear and tear on your home’s heating and air conditioning unit, helping you extend the life of your home’s climate control systems.

Weight 28.6 kg
Dimensions 13.07 × 24 × 23.4 cm







13.07 x 24 x 23.4 inches




5200 British Thermal Units


Vent Free


13.07 x 24 x 23.4 inches


28.6 Pounds






2 AAA batteries required. (included)




1 year limited warranty.




DFI-5010-01^remote^2 AAA batteries


Duraflame, Twin-Star International

9 reviews for Duraflame Electric Infrared Quartz Fireplace Stove with 3D Flame Effect, Black

  1. Cat Lady

    Great for medium size rooms
    *UPDATE* 2/2/18Here’s a little update. It’s been about 5 months now since buying this heater. Our winter was terribly cold & being the first year without central heat the entire house was freezing. I used this heater in the bedroom where me and my 3 year old sleep. It kept us very warm at night even during the coldest of nights (lowest at night was 9 degrees F). What I want to add to my initial review is that using space heaters to zone heat will make your electric bill go up. My electric bill for the entire month it was freezing cold came out to be $280 when normally with central heat (both gas & electric) it would be under $200. I did run 4 space heaters (this one, a Lasko, and a radiator heater, plus one small 1500 watt utility heater) in 2 bedrooms, the living room & the washroom. We are still in some cold weather and I have learned to close off rooms that are not used, also put up curtains to close off rooms without a door (like the hallway that connects to the living room and the kitchen door that goes into the den) which helps to keep the warm air in that certain area without allowing in drafts. Closing off sections of the house we are not using in the cold days and nights has helped greatly to keep the rooms we are in warmer. This heater has worked well since the first day and I think it will last many winters to come. it is one of the best heaters I have and would buy again from this brand.First of all, let me share with you a little bit about why I want this heater for my home.We have an older home (about 75 years old) with hardwood/cement floors (no carpet), older storm windows and 3 interior doors leading to the outside. Last year I had the house ‘weatherized’ and this year I’ve put up thermal curtains in all the windows, have added medium size area rugs in most rooms, also have covered one of the doors leading outside with plastic. Winters here the temps drop into the low 20’s on snowy nights and highs range between 30’s and 50’s for December, January and the first part of February. Those are the coldest months for us. Normally we would use a 22-year-old Central Heat/Air unit that sits on top of the house for all our heating but over the last few years that has become unreliable. The last plumber/electrician I called out when the unit stopped working was hesitant to touch the unit because he said it is a ‘electrical nightmare’ (a handyman of the previous house owner spliced wires and connected them in unsafe ways to repair the unit and now it has become dangerous for electricians and plumbers to repair). This year the unit has gone out again. I would like to avoid paying $300 for another plumber to come out and ‘patch’ up the unit enough for it to work hopefully the entire winter (last year the plumber said it was iffy if the unit would last the entire winter).For me, the issue is keeping my old home warm this winter without the use of the Central Heat unit. Normally my gas/electric bill for the coldest months range on average $170 combined, so my goal is to stay below that cost per month with Zone Heating using space heaters in the rooms we use the most.I have done lots of research on Zone Heating to warm homes without the use of any other Central Heating units and the cost is supposed to be lower, but that I am not able to say because this is my winter without Central Heating.My reasons for picking this heater is because I wanted something that will stay cool to the touch and is hard to knock over because I have a 3-year-old and cats that are curious about anything in the house and I don’t want any of them getting burned. I wanted a heater that would comfortably warm an ice cold room (old house, it gets very cold) both day and night and one that will last not only this winter but the next winter too.I don’t want anything with plastic around it because an older infrared heater we had was plastic casing and the control knobs melted off the top of it.I wanted a heater that has a reputable name, is metal, not plastic, will also have the fireplace look to it, because I have always wanted a fireplace and the ability to move it around (has to be light).This heater is light, easy to move from one room to the other. Large enough to heat comfortably and quickly a medium size bedroom and quiet enough to leave on while sleeping. You can hear the fan but it is not much louder than most fan heaters and projects heat at least 3 feet in front of the unit but in a closed room it will comfortably warm the room. Cool to the touch, except a little warm on the top front where the heat comes out, but not hot to burn small hands or an animal. One of my cats likes to lay on top of the heater while it is on. The front door is glass and so are the sides. The unit is all metal, except the legs that are easy to attach.I’d recommend this heater. I am in the process of buying a couple more for the other bedrooms and smaller rooms in my home.

  2. Jeff M.

    Would be better priced at $130 (ALL colors). Good product. Remote should be able to change temps.
    My bullet points:1. Arrived without any physical damage.2. All parts needed for assembly (just attaching the feet) were present and included 3 extra screws.3. The magnetic door magnet strongly holds the door where access to the control panel is located.4. There are 5 “flame” brightness settings. The highest one (F5) should be brighter by about 30%.5. The remote control has the ability to turn down the brightness of the flames, but will not turn it fully off. You must turn the unit off completely with the control panel or remote. A missed opportunity if you only want to have the heater on and no “log” lighting effects and also to save wear to the bulbs. The F0 setting (“glowing” logs only) does turn off the spinning rod that creates the “flames”. The remote control itself is small with only four buttons. Mine seems to need to be pointed in a certain direction at the heater from 8ish feet away to get it to work consistently. Again, not a deal-breaker. Just an observation. Your mileage may vary.6. The spinning rod that creates the flame effects can be heard (@F1-F5) in a quiet room when the heating element is not working. I find it mildly annoying (but by no means a deal-breaker) if there is nothing else to counter the sound. I’m also finding it very hard to think of a sound to compare it to for comparison. Maybe something like those 1970 electric clocks with the analog hands? That is about as close as I can come to the quality of the sound the revolving rod makes. In terms of its loudness, I would say in the 30-35db. range. The rate of the spinning rod remains constant regardless of the brightness setting.7. One big gripe that reduced my overall score is that the rod used to create the flame effects can be easily seen inside the one long horizontal log. It can be very distracting to the overall ambiance when looking at what is a decent representation of the fake flame effects. It is the sort of thing where once you’ve seen it, it can’t be unseen. The only counter that I can see as a remedy would be to hand paint or spray the log darker to severely reduce your sight of the rotating rod.8. I believe that this unit puts out its 1500 watts of output full time as I can find no setting that would allow you to reduce this to 750 watts or what most other heaters having a low setting could offer. Again, I don’t find this to be a deal-breaker for the simple fact that it has a thermostat which turns the element on and off based on your temperature setting(s).9. As for the thermostat itself…I’m currently having mixed results as to its ability to work consistently. The 2nd day I had it set to 70 degrees with the outdoor temperature in the ’40s and my unit did not shut off for many, many hours. The room was definitely over the rated temperature I set it for and I had to manually dial back the setting to 68. The largest reason I bought this unit was to automatically regulate the temp. of the room so I don’t have to manually shut it off when the room reaches the desired temp. Over the last 3 days though, it seems to be working as intended; keeping what I feel like is the target temp. I’ve set it for. Maybe it just needed to be “broken in”? Time will tell and I will return this product if the thermostat function gets too far off the beaten path. I’m not paying this kind of money for a thermostat that won’t work correctly.10. As for the heating unit itself…I was surprised by the force of the air coming out of the grill. You can easily feel it from 8 feet away as a slight breeze. This means that the heat is being pushed into your room which makes it pretty effective at warming said room quickly. I have to heat a 250sq. ft. room and it took about 45 minutes from a cold start to reach my 70-degree target temp. I also like that once the heating element is shut down that the fan continues to work until the heating element has sufficiently cooled down.11. As a note on the assembly of the feet, you will feel initially a firm bite (tight to start out) to the screw which gives way to a much easier screw in (it actually felt as if they were stripped out during the middle part of the screwing in phase) and then a firm final seating of the screw at the end. I would be careful to not over-torque the screws once they are seated and bottomed out. You know, the old firm but not too firm thing.12. As for the top of the unit and the temperature of it…my seat of the pants hand test tells me it can get upwards of what feels like 90 degrees. Maybe 100 tops. So, if you plan on placing anything on it, make sure it can withstand those temperatures over time. Decorative candles need not apply. And obviously, DO NOT hang any fabrics over the front where the heating element would cause it to catch fire.13. Lastly, I would have loved to have chosen another color other than black. There are I think 4 other colors to choose from but the insane markup (as high as $250!) for some is ridiculous. As the title says, I think this is overpriced in the first place @ $165ish (depending on Amazon’s markdowns) for what it is but what can you do? I also liked the clear unobstructed front and side acrylic windows vs. some other units that have semi-obstructed views of the flames.

  3. theartofbeer

    Serves the Purpose
    I live in the PNW and while not extremely cold, winters here are damp and gloomy. I bought a new home over a year ago and found it to feel cold last winter. The heat works fine but I generally try to keep my heat set no higher than 68°. My living room/kitchen is a big open space so it feels cold when watching a movie or reading so I wanted something to make it “feel” warmer. I lean to more contemporary styles but lack wall space to mount an electric fireplace. I chose this as the best alternative and I’m happy thus far. It absolutely does not have a significant heat impact. The house is 1400 sq ft total so my guess is the great room is 800 sq ft tops and there is no way it could impact the temperature without a significant electric bill. But I am very pleased with the ambiance it creates and I placed it by the chair I tend to sit in do it does impact the heat at my feet. Overall I am pleased with the purchase. The remote is kind of lame because the real controls are behind the door but it looks warm and with the lights off gives a reasonable resemblance of a fire.

  4. Autumn Jauck

    Nice stove but not quite as advertised
    This stove is beautiful and the flames are semi-realistic- better than a cheaper one I got and it puts out heat great. However, in the Amazon web description, it says cool to touch-safe around kids. The top gets extremely hot and I would definitely not trust little kids around it. Could easily burn or if something were put on top of it start a fire. I bought a different one and that is definitely cool to the touch but the heat comes out of the bottom. In this one the heat comes out of the top so just be aware. Also, the description on the website here says that it has an automatic shutoff for overheating but the manual that it comes with does not mention anything about that and definitely says it should not be left unsupervised. So not sure if it will shut off automatically or not if it overheats. Not sure I trust it. Also the remote is very basic. The remote I had with other heater is much better.

  5. S. Robert

    Excellent electric heater and beautiful decorative addition to our living room
    We have a drafty living room (an addition to our house) with a built-in electric fireplace that is not removable but stopped working: my research into new options led us to this. The amount of heat it gives off is perfect for our 300 sq ft space, as a supplement. Great cozy, not dry heat. The look is CLASSIC (black version pictured) and is like a real wood burning stove. Electric flames are realistic, especially in the dark. Easy to use and assemble. It can take the room +5 degrees in a short time.Hooking it up to an electric meter, it is drawing about 11 amps on one of the higher settings, and we used 10 kWh a day. At current high rates in MA ($0.33/kWh all in) that’s a little over $3 a day for supplemental use for a few hours. At current heating oil rates, we pay $25 -per day- to heat our entire 2000 sq ft house, so this is a great targeted supplement. It reminds me of the real stove I grew up with in New England.It is odd that the settings window (easy to understand) is hidden away behind the door, but of course the remote works regardless. Suppose it helps maintain the classic look vs seeing an LED. Oddly, you can’t control the temperature from the remote – only turn it off/on etc – but perhaps that is a safety feature. Still, 5/5 overall. This seems well-made and hope it will deliver years of use.

  6. Ronna Neal

    So Realistic and Cozy <3 Love This Stove!
    We love this stove so much!!!! It is so pretty, realistic and cozy. Keeps room temp up 2 degrees so oil heat does not come on to save us money in main Lvg and Dining Rm where thermostats are located on our walls… Could not get wood stove or pellet stove because of codes in this small home so we decided on this stove and so happy with it! Highly recommend. It looks expensive compared to others and good sized…

  7. Marin

    We love the ambiance! and the heat
    This is a great buy for those who do not have a working fireplace.Provides nice heat to warm the living room in the morning.Also great ambiance, at night and in the early morning.The light rolls in an attractive way, esp. with the beveled side lights [the clear glass sections], which refract the light in a way many of the other models do not.Highly recommend! Worth every penny.I will add, it draws a lot of electrical from the outlet; we have to be careful not to run too many things on the same lines or it will surge and trip the outlets served by that same electrical line. So, be forewarned.

  8. K Griffee

    Looks pretty and puts out the heat!
    Bought this for a 10×20 space to supplement a mini split. This, however, easily heats the whole space quickly and had the chill off a 50F room in 5 minutes.We had the legs quickly installed with 3 hex screws each (included), and there were extra screws to replace the 2 missing frame screws on the underside (so mildly concerned about quality control)Pretty colors, only the top gets hot (can still touch, but I wouldn’t leave the plastic remote on top) and flames look close enough to the real thing.We are careful with the plastic legs and they have held up fine since we don’t slide it around; it’s easy to pick up and move,Only wish is that we haven’t seen any kind of cost to operate. Since we don’t use it full time, we don’t know what using it will do to our electric bill and have to rely on other reviews.

  9. James

    Things are Heating up!!!!
    We moved to a home with an unseated sunroom. It has turned cold and the room needed some heat so I researched for the best type of heater to use. This came to the top as it is economical and self contained. Works great for the 20’x20’ room.Pros: looks good, nice remote, great timer, ease of operation, warms the space and with timer just shuts off so no problem with it staying on all the time.Cons: really only one big one…..the actual digital controls are covered by the door so you can’t see the set temperature OR the timer. Poor design since the digital display darkens once set.

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