TURBRO Suburbs TS20 Electric Fireplace Infrared Flame Heater, 20″ Freestanding Fireplace Stove with Realistic Dancing Flame Effect

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Power Source Electric
Product Dimensions 10″D x 17″W x 20″H
Material Metal
Installation Type Freestanding
Heat Output 4780 British Thermal Units
Style Vintage & Elegant
Color Black
Ventilation Type Ventless
Heating Coverage 1,000 sq.ft
  • 🔥Toasty Fireplace: There’s no better feeling than relaxing by the fireplace on a cold, winter evening as you sip a steaming cup of hot cocoa. Stay warm this winter with the efficient 4,777 BTU heat output of a TURBRO Suburbs electric stove.
  • 🔥Flame Control: Create a charming fireside environment without the mess and smoke of a real fire. The flame effect can be turned on separately from the heat to help you set the mood when the heater is not needed.
  • 🔥Safe to Touch: The heating element is located on the bottom so the body of the stove is always cool to the touch, no matter how long it has been running.
  • 🔥Easy to Use: Simply flip the switch to turn on the heating element, set the thermostat from 68-95℉, and wait as your room instantly begins to heat up.
  • 🔥Overheat Protection: Overheating protection automatically shuts the heater off if the internal temperature gets too hot. The TURBRO Suburbs heater is CSA certified to be safe for use in North America.



About TURBRO ‘Suburbs’ Series

Suburbs TS20 electric fireplace stove is the sweetest little stove that you could ever want! Warms a room up to 1,000 sq.ft. The vintage fireplace design with realistic dancing flames and burning log effect can provide your family with a warm ambiance. The retro design and realistic flame effect levels up your living ambiance. Gentle looking, high heating capacity, and easy control, it’s absolutely your best choice for this winter.

Kindly Reminder:

  • Check Your Package: If you find the package is destroyed or lose the accessories, please feel free to email TURBRO support team.
  • Safe Use: For safety concern, please DO NOT use the extension cord and power strip.
  • Avoid Burning: DO NOT allow bare skin to touch the air outlet of the heater.
  • Limited Product Load: Please DO NOT place heavy items on the top (several decorations only).
  • Before using the heater, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.


  • Model: Suburbs TS20
  • Rated Power: 1400W/4780 btu
  • Power Supply: 110-120V/ 60Hz
  • Heating Area: 1,000 sq.ft
  • Main Body Material: Metal
  • Heating element: Convector heater trips(without light)
  • LED Color: Red, Orange
  • Lighting Effect: LED Log flame effect
  • Approval: North America CSA certified
  • Dimensions: 20\”H x 17\”W x 10\”D
  • Unit weight: 15.5lbs (7kg)
  • Noise Level: ≤37dBA
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Electric fireplace stove
  • 4 x Legs
  • 12 x Screw
  • 1 x User Manual

TURBRO Suburbs TS20 Infrared Fireplace Heater with Realistic Dancing Flames

Since 2013, TURBRO has created innovative products that help people improve the comfort of their homes. The Suburbs series expands on this mission by offering the warmth, comfort, and charm of a vintage fireplace without the mess, hassle, or dangers of a gas or wood-burning stove. With the TURBRO Suburbs, you can enjoy a roaring fire anywhere in your home.

  • Home
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Workplace


  • The fireplace doors open to give you up close access to the realistic flames.
  • The 3-sided panoramic design provides a view of the realistic flames from the front and both sides.

Zone Heating

Move the heater to any room to stay warm while saving energy.

Infrared Heater

Heat is spread throughout the room without removing any moisture.

Quiet Operation

Infrared heaters are nearly silent and suitable for warming the bedroom.

Flame Control

Flames can be used with or without the heater, suitable for summer months.


Adjustable thermostat allows you to pick your comfortable temperature.

Overheat Protection

If the heater gets too hot, it will automatically shut off to prevent damage.

CSA Approved

Certified by North American CSA to be safe for use in your home.

  • For indoor use only
  • Power Supply: 110-120V / 60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 11.67A at 120V
  • Thermostat Temperature: From 68℉ to 95℉
  • Approval: North America CSA certified
  • LED Color: Yellow & Orange
  • Power Cord Length: 6ft.
  • Noise Level: ≤37dBA
  • Weight: 15.5lbs (7kg)
  • Q: Does it have a remote?
  • A: No, but if you want one with remote control, please refer to our Suburbs TS23, TS23-C, and TS25.
  • Q: Is this available without heater?
  • A: Yes, you can enjoy the flame effect without heater.
  • Q: How long is the power cord?
  • A: The power cord is about 6 feet long (70 inches).
Weight 15.5 kg
Dimensions 10 × 17 × 20 cm









4780 British Thermal Units


Vintage & Elegant






1,000 sq.ft


17 Inches


10"D x 17"W x 20"H, 17 x 10 x 20 inches


15.5 Pounds








September 6, 2018



10 reviews for TURBRO Suburbs TS20 Electric Fireplace Infrared Flame Heater, 20″ Freestanding Fireplace Stove with Realistic Dancing Flame Effect

  1. Lisa G

    works great and very cute
    I actually bought this little fireplace to use outdoors while camping in October. There was a burn ban and the site had electrical power. It was just enough heat sitting near it to keep me comfortable sitting outdoors at night as I like to do. The temperature was in the 40s at night. I bought this instead of a smaller one because it said it was radiant heat and could warm a 1000 sq ft room. I figured that would be enough heat output to help in the outdoors even though its not designed for that (as opposed to a smaller or a little bit cheaper one). It worked perfect and the little glowing fake fire added some degree of ambiance. All you have to do is put the legs on,, which was easy. Very happy with this. I imagine it would work outstanding in a room

  2. Ingrid Emelia

    i love this!!! we live in the mountains and our house can get very cold, (especially my room because it doesn’t get a lot of sun) which is nice in the summer but can be challenging with a long winter. we have a woodburning stove in the center of the house and were considering putting in a second one in my room. i love the glow of a fireplace but didn’t want to have to do all the work and lose floor space to a hearth.this is the perfect substitute.at first i thought it might be too small but the size is perfect. my cats love looking at the “flames” and between the christmas lights i have and the “fireplace”, my room is super cozy. it heats up quickly and efficiently.highly recommend!

  3. Dorothy

    Good little heater
    Good little heater to supplement heat. I have two stories and when I turn the heat up to 68 upstairs gets too hot, but down to 66 and downstairs is too cold, figured I would try a little heater and see how it works and so far so good. I’m using it in a pretty open space so I feel like when it’s on it constantly runs, I did turn it down a bit to ensure the auto function worked and it did. I was concerned about the heat coming out of the bottom, but as you see it’s right next to my carpet (don’t recommend for safety) and after 4 hours of it on my carpet was never any hotter then warm, however my husband requested I move it for safety lol. When I picked it up to move it, it did not shut off, my guess is no safety feature? I also saw a lot of reviews with melted plugs and I think the company changed out the plug because mine has a much sturdier 3 prong plug and it has not gotten hot at all. The unit stays cool to the touch except where the heat comes out! Overall this will do till we get our actual fireplace installed.

  4. KD Watson

    Just got it today the flame is nice. Haven’t turned the heat on yet. Probably tomorrow with the snow coming. The legs were very hard to put on for me. The holes are not made for screws, don’t have grooves in them like a screw does. I finally did get them in.

  5. bld522

    A snap to put together . . .
    We followed the directions someone had kindly posted previously by inserting and removing the screws BEFORE we mounted the legs. We also used a magnetized 8″ #2 Phillips Head screwdriver. Assembly was flawless and took 10 minutes from start to finish. Then we placed the unit in front of our stereo, found a 10-hour long cracking fire audio with a black screen on YT, and turned off the heater that we don’t need and won’t ever use. Without the heater on, the unit generates no heat as far as I can tell. The net result is too cool for school! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  6. LivingtheLife

    Edited: Works Great!
    Update: We’ve used this a few times since the purchase it and it heated our sunroom enough for my elderly parents to sit outside during days that have not been super cold. The big test was Thanksgiving dinner, with a large family we decided to see if it would help heat the room to enjoy dinner at one table and not 2 separate tables in the house. It did it’s job to help heat the room, though I will say it says it will heat a 1000 sq feet and our sunroom is only 250 sq feet, it didn’t do it on it’s own. (We had to hook up another one to help heat the whole room.) The heater works great for the days my parents want to sit and drink coffee but to spend time out in the sunroom, during the colder fall and winter days, it doesn’t appear to heat the whole room.I will say the customer service was great when they were informed of us receiving a used product when we had ordered a new one and paid full price. They were quick with a refund and super helpful.We bought this to use in our sunroom, wanting something that looked nice and would add to the decor. When it arrived we were a bit surprised to see it was a returned product considering we had ordered a new one and not used. We decided to try it out. Looked it over to see if any marks, dents, etc. nothing just the marks left where someone attached the legs and then removed them. Put together, turned on and works fine. Only major disappointment in receiving this product was the shocking of receiving a “like new” product and paying full price when we didn’t even receive a new one.

  7. Quanked Scribe

    Nice little heater
    The screws for the legs were really hard to put in. But once I had it together, it looks really nice, and it works well. I like that it is totally cool to the touch. My kitty cats are a little unimpressed. 🙂

  8. Lynnmom

    Works great, looks cute!
    Our heat went out in the middle of a cold snap. We have this set up in the living room and it keeps the living room, dining room, and kitchen quite comfortable—around 68F. The “flames” are surprisingly realistic and look nice. Couldn’t be happier with it. It heats roughly 1K sqft.

  9. Michelle Lee Page

    So adorable!
    This thing is so dang cozy, me and my husband LOVE IT! It was super easy to put the legs in on and it makes our lil apartment feel so cozy and warm, especially at Christmas time!

  10. Brittany

    Cute, hot little fireplace with dancing flames!
    JUST in, so we’ll see how it runs in the long term. SUPER simple set up, but DEFINITELY more helpful if you have an electric screwdriver! They included a helpful insert suggesting as such – I started manually then took them up on the suggestion. It puts out great heat, and I love the dancing flames.

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