Electactic 60 inches Flame Electric Fireplace Heater, Recessed and Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Heater

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Brand Electactic
Product Dimensions 3.86″D x 60″W x 18.11″H
Material Tempered Glass, Metal
Installation Type Wall Mount
Heat Output 5100 British Thermal Units
Color Black
Ventilation Type Ventless
Item Weight 47.39 Pounds
Model Name C3
  • 【Size Guide and Design】This series of electric fireplaces have a total of five sizes. The size you are looking for right now is 60 inches. This fireplace’s length is 60 inches, the wide is 3.85 inches, the height is 18.11 inches and the weight is 47.39 LB. The whole machine adopts an integrated body, and the material of the body is made of sturdy metal.
  • 【Realistic Flame】We hired an excellent design team. We have been revising the design of our products in recent years. High Intensity LED lights with large display allows the flame to “burn” high enough, flames emerge slowly from the “source” and then get pulled to the top of the fireplace where they flash in the heat of the top of the fireplace. Customers can change the color of the log and the flame according to their own preferences and there are a total of 12 matching.
  • 【Flexible Control Modes】Remote and touch screen make it more convenient to control every function of electric fireplace, power switch, 1-8 hours timer control, independent switch of heating and flame, adjustable flame color and speed, sleep mode function. The top independent physical switch design has passed ETL security certification.
  • 【Safety and Energy Saving】Our fireplace has 750W & 1500W two modes can be adjusted accordingly for both warm and energy saving purpose. The supplemental zone heating is for up to 400 square feet. We have ETL Certificate. It also has auto-heat kill safety to avoid the overheating. The heat is good for maintaining the natural humidity within the air without making the room too dry.
  • 【High quality】We only make high-quality fireplace products, which are of moderate price and you can use it everywhere, such as sitting room and bedroom. Maybe you only spend a little more, but it does bring you a real improvement in the quality of life.




Our company has been committed to the development of heaters for more than 10 years. Our products include various fireplaces and stoves. The wall mount recessed electric fireplace is designed for mounting or recessed to wall to bring you different felling.The realistic flames can give buyers a different visual enjoyment, while bringing warmth to buyers.

ELECTACTIC electric fireplace


Color: Black

Material: Tempered Glass & Sheet Metal

Size: 60 x 3.86 x 18.11 inches

Weight: 47.39 pounds

Power: 750W/1500W

Voltage: 120VWatts

Max 1500W

Amps: 12.5AMP

BTUs: 5100BTU


Package including:

1 x Electric Fireplace

1 x Remote Control

1 x Crystals

1 x Metal Bracket

1 x Screw Kit

1 x Manual

Perfect Crnament, Perfect Fit Into Your Life

The Electactic fireplace is much more than just an electrical appliance for heating, it embodies people’s demands and desires for a better life.

Whether it’s a cozy bedroom, a spacious living room, a private bathroom, or a casual basement, the Electactic fireplace always finds its place.

Perfect flame can be used for viewing not only, reasonable fireplace and other furniture collocation is also an interesting thing.

Under the TV, around the corner of the wall, on the wall next to the bathtub, and on the wall opposite the bed, Electactic fireplace is adaptable to many more environments.


Best Design, Most Features

The fireplace can be installed in either wall mounted or recessed/The maximum power is 1500W and the minimum power is 750W.

The flame and the crystal bed come in 12 different colors each/Control mode has remote control and touch screen two ways

Flame brightness and speed have 5 gears each/Timer /Over Heat Protection/Lifelike flame.

Not the most expensive, but the most comprehensive

Let the Electactic Fireplace be your companion and warm you.

Even in the cold winter, the Electactic fireplace ensures you are comfortable reading, entertaining and socializing. Turn on the heating feature to warm your room. At the same time, this product is also a good gift. If you are still worried about what to give as a gift, why not try this product, which is both beautiful and practical, and will certainly live up to your expectations.

Weight 47.4 kg
Dimensions 3.86 × 60 × 18.11 cm

3.86 x 60 x 18.11 inches


47.4 pounds













9 reviews for Electactic 60 inches Flame Electric Fireplace Heater, Recessed and Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace Heater

  1. Amazon Customer

    Highly recommend! Covenant and cool product!
    Here is a thing, I am a type of person who considers cost-effectiveness very much. The price of this brand is very suitable, so I chose this one. After I placed the order, I received the package in the third day after I placed the order. There is a manual, a remote control, and a bag of things similar to crystals in the box. After the simple installation was completed, I turned on the fireplace, as I said in the video, you have many choices of flame color, and you can change the background color and adjust the flame speed. It is looks very cool. And after about a few seconds, I felt the heat coming out of the fireplace. Also this fireplace has an automatic timing function, so when you go to bed at night, set it up, and when the time is up, the fireplace will automatically shut down, so you will sleep very comfortably. And the fireplace is very quiet, almost no noise, if you are not too close to the fireplace, you will not hear anything. So even if you use it in the bedroom, the noise of the fireplace will not affect your sleep. Thus, I would definitely recommend you to buy this fireplace, it’s a cool product and super convenient to use!About two months ago, I already uploaded some of my thoughts about this product, but now I want to share little more about it. The night in my city is getting colder and colder, so I use this heater more and more frequently now. Overall, this fireplace still gave me a good experience. The design of the remote control is very simple, and all functions are clearly marked on the remote control. I haven’t read the instruction manual before using the remote control, but I can still use the remote control very well. The sound of the product is still a little bit. When you turn on the flame, there will also be a sound. I’m not sure if the seller is imitating the sound of the flame, because the sound of the flame is not obvious. When you turn on the heater, the sound will become more obvious. This is an inevitable sound. There is a motor in the fireplace. When you turn on the heater, the motor will start to work, which inevitably produces a little sound, and the fireplace has an air outlet, which is not a closed space, so the sound will be louder. But according to my personal experience, as I said in my last comment, as long as you are a little farther away from the fireplace, it is difficult for you to hear the sound of the fireplace. So the noise generated by this fireplace will not affect you watching TV or talking to others at all. I want to give a general explanation of all brands of these electric fireplace heaters. They are inserted into ordinary wall sockets. Your ordinary wall socket can only provide so much electricity, so it can only provide so much heat. They provide exactly the same heat as the 40-dollar basic electric heaters you may put on the bathroom floor. An electric fireplace like this cannot heat your whole house. They are all very beautiful electric heaters. They are a supplementary heat to some cold places in your home. One advantage of installing a heater on the wall is that you are unlikely to drop something on it and cause a fire, and children and pets will not overturn it.If you want an electric heater that can heat the whole house or even a large room, you must buy more powerful things and let the electrician wire you. You can’t run so much energy through ordinary home wiring.I shared this fireplace with my friends, and I bought another one.

  2. Mason Stark

    This is a beautiful fireplace I built our entertainment center around our old wood burning stove. With the price of wood now days this should save us some money this winter.Install was easy I built a box for it with the measurements provided in the description and when it arrived it fit perfect. Would easily be able to install it anywhere in your home.The remote doesn’t work very well you have to be right next to it for the remote functions to work. I tried new batteries, still not able to turn it off or on from more than 2 feet away from the front of it.It heats very well though I turn it up to 2 and turn the fan on to help distribute the heat in the rooms and it heats the front room and kitchen within 15-20 minutes

  3. Tracy King

    Great product.
    Easy to install and it’s such a great product. The color changing flames are fun to mix and match. Was thinking it would be more for looks but the heat is actually great. Very pleased so far. Oh and shipping was amazing. Actually arrived days ahead of the estimated schedule day.

  4. Honest Reviewer

    Novelty Fireplace
    I spent countless hours on Amazon attempting to find the best fireplace that fits my needs. I understood many electric fireplaces were considered supplemental heating so I wasn’t expecting something to heat the entire house. When unboxing the unit and completing an initial test, I noticed the small area for the heating element (center). When on the highest heat setting, it does push out some good heat but I was uncertain how efficient this was for the area I was putting it in. Unfortunately I’ve decided to return my unit because I was thinking the heating element would be much larger. It looks really nice and could work well maybe in an enclosed 400-600 square foot room.

  5. Spade

    Great heat output, beautiful aesthetically
    We installed this in hour bedroom with the primary use for the heat output, our bedroom is not too big, but it’s not small and this fireplace heats up the room like an oven, it’s amazing. The heat output is great, and of course visually it’s amazing. The different speeds of the flames is very nice. Overall great product.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Looks like a million bucks
    I love this fireplace! One thing I wanted in my new home was a fireplace with a mantel so my husband built me this one. He insisted on a 70” tv so of course I wanted something longer to not look as dinky in comparison. This fireplace does not disappoint. It was so easy to install and is even easier to use. The warmer works great, its quiet, and I love being able to change the colors and brightness of the flames. And its simple enough to understand how to use, even my 3 year old can turn it on!

  7. Erica H.

    Looks nice
    This product was very easy to install my husband had it up in less than am hour. He installed it alone. The heat output I’d not very forceful but it warns the area shown very nicely. It’s gives off a cozy feel. The remote is easy to use. This heater is really thin, not bulky at all which makes it look nice mounted on the wall. No need to cut your wall. Looking to purchase another one.

  8. katelyn

    It’s pretty
    Wish it heated just a tad better, but it does the job and I love all of the color/speed options. Very appealing look. Would buy again.

  9. Garrett H.

    Nice touch to living room
    Very bright colors. I will add sone photos when fully installed .

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