R.W.Flame Electric Fireplace Heater 25″ with Remote Control, Cathedral Stylish, Different Flame Effects and Log Set Colors

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Power Source Corded Electric
Product Dimensions 4.2″D x 9.24″W x 9.55″H
Material Carbon Steel
Installation Type Freestanding
Heat Output 5100 British Thermal Units
Special Feature Heating and Flame Work Separately, Infrared Heating, Remote Control
Style Vintage
Color Black
Included Components Manual *1 pc, Base Angle * 4 pc, Elactric Fireplace *1 pc, Remote Control *1 pc, Screw M5*12 * 8 pc
  • Realistic Flame Effect: Gorgeous realistic dancing flames and burning log design make the effect of true flame of fireplace, which can embellish your room when enjoying the warming. Clear Glasses on 3 sides give 180 degrees of observation. Any angle is available for enjoying the realistic flame effect.
  • Infrared Heating Mode: The infrared system heats up the room without drying out the air without, which will help you keep natural humidity comfort during the coming winter. 
  • Seperate Heating and Flame System: 4 Flame Colors and log colors for different requirements. Besides , the flame speed could also be adjusted. The flame could beat slowly when you are reading and beat fast when you are having a dancing party. It could be remote controled while you just wanna lie in the sofa.
  • Cathedral Design: The design is inspired by Church, which symbolizes firmness and permanence. The Arched door and fence design adds the mystery of history for your room. The electric stove heater is made up of steel structure, which guarantees long-last use and stability.
  • Over-Heating protection: Overheating safe device will make the stove heater more safety and reliable. Air outlet is designed at the bottom of the stove which can effectively avoid overheating and high temperature hazard of the fuselage.



Weight 38.1 kg
Dimensions 4.2 × 9.24 × 9.55 cm



Corded Electric


Carbon Steel




5100 British Thermal Units


Heating and Flame Work Separately, Infrared Heating, Remote Control, Carbon Steel, Cathedral Design






Manual *1 pc, Base Angle * 4 pc, Elactric Fireplace *1 pc, Remote Control *1 pc, Screw M5*12 * 8 pc








4.2 x 9.24 x 9.55 inches, 4.2"D x 9.24"W x 9.55"H


38.1 pounds








June 2, 2022



10 reviews for R.W.Flame Electric Fireplace Heater 25″ with Remote Control, Cathedral Stylish, Different Flame Effects and Log Set Colors

  1. Cinnabonnie

    Update: Problem Resolved! Excellent customer service.First of all…I was really excited about this product. I had done a lot of research on products similliar to it with more reviews on Amazon and narrowed it down to choosing this one, mainly because it’s multicolored option looked to me like a pink. It’s not pink. At all. It’s not even purple-ish…it’s nothing like the picture.ANYWAYS…Moving on.I was relieved to find no damage to the fireplace when I received it. I read the entire manual before even attempting to continue.Instruction manual said to test and plug it in to make sure it works BEFORE mounting on the wall so I tested it. I haven’t tested the heater/fan yet because it said not to if it was standing on the floor which it was. but I tested the lights and the lights were surprisingly loud. There’s some motor that makes noises to move the flames…Not a big deal for me at all until I left the product on for about 10 minutes straight and began hearing a loud rattling coming from the inside of the appliance…I don’t think I could sleep through that noise if I was in the same room with this fireplace. The remote works and so does the options for the speed of the flames, colors (besides the multicolor looking nothing like the example picture.) and the brightness settings all worked, though I noticed simple changes could have made this product more worth the price.For one, the led strip is a series of bulbs each owning their own color rather than color changing bulbs which would have given more color options.On top of that the flames are not very big. You can change the brightness settings but if this fireplace is mounted or placed to sit even a little bit above eye level, it just looks like a fish tank. The flames get very hard to see.Another thing I noticed was there was no volume for the annoying LOUD beeping the fireplace makes anytime you press a button on the remote. Literally the whole house can hear it. Also not too big of a deal but at this point, little things were starting to turn into big things and add up to lead to this disappointing none star verdict.Installation is ridiculous. I planned to mount it on the wall in my bedroom. The wall mount wasn’t in the box, come to find out with no help from the nearly pictureless manual that the bracket is actually ALREADY attached to the back but not JUST attached…BOLTED…TIGHTLY! I got a wrench and tried to wiggle the bolts free with NO LUCK…come to find out, they’re saudered on. I’ve read the instruction manual over and over again and still can’t figure out how to get the bolts off or why they even have the mounting bracket bolted to the fireplace to begin with when the instructions pretend like it comes separately…So tired and just disappointed. I would have called it quits and just placed it standing on a surface, however, I don’t have a surface to place it on really…Honestly, this entire experience was just disappointment after disappointment. It almost makes me want to return this item and not even bother trying to get another fireplace because the experience of hauling this heavy appliance up my stairs, unboxing, wrestling with bolts and now still having to haul it BACK down stairs and into my car to return is just soooo exhausting.I would call support but the number provided on the manual is in China.

  2. Susan R

    Absolutely amazing
    I bought wanting an updated fireplace for my home. Not really to use for heat more for ambience. Wow. This did it. So many colors even changing the color of the wood. Not to mention changing the speed. I can’t believe how real this looks. My kitten even lays near it. Thank you highly recommend. I did test the heater and it blows out heat very well.

  3. Abhay Nath Singh

    Beautiful fireplace
    This is easy to assemble fireplace. Looks beautiful and elegant. There are two variant of color for the flame and both has 5 different level of brightness. Each control has plenty of setting levels. No odor or burning smell when turn on it.

  4. Linda B.

    Wish we knew what the temp settings for Hi and Low were.
    Overall a good product. Love the flame colors. Heats our bedroom nicely.

  5. Noel Smith

    Electric fireplace
    The remote is not easily laid out. The settings doesn’t raise or lower the temperature. Overall the heat being is not strong or hot. The flow seems to emit cool air not hot air. It doesn’t warm the room. I would not recommend this product to friend and family.

  6. ziff

    square foot
    nice unit but doesn’t heat up the square footage as promised. In fact, our room is only 520sq ft and it doesn’t make the room a comfortable temp. It is nice to watch an expensive mood enhancer.

  7. Lisa

    It is very nice but it could throw off a little more heat
    It could throw off more heat

  8. Hgservices

    Excellent product
    I am so happy with this product

  9. T Knott

    Just what I wanted!
    A great value! I only use the remote. I love the color options for the flames and the logs as well as different speeds for the flames. It really heats up the bedroom quick too. The main reason I chose this was the height and the beautiful design. I love seeing the fire from the sides! And it has a timer. I wish it had controls for the heat. But you can use it without the heat on. Great addition to my reading nook!

  10. Jason and Jessica Ferrone

    Value, efficiency, beautiful
    I’m impressed with the quality and value. Heated large 1000 sq living room that has a loft. Game changer. Also looks really beautiful and NOT cheesy. Appreciate the settings and EASY set up.

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