LegendFlame 23″ W Free Standing Electric Fireplace Log Set (EF290), Fireplace Insert, Heater 750W/1500W, Crackling Sound

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Brand Legend Flame
Product Dimensions 9.56″D x 22.88″W x 19″H
Material Metal
Finish Type Powder Coated
Installation Type Freestanding
Heat Output 5000 British Thermal Units
Style Nora
Ventilation Type Ventless
Item Weight 20 Pounds
Chamber Width 23 Inches
  • 23″ W x 20″ H x 10″ D size suitable for free standing in small and large existing openings or cabinet. Very simple installation, just place it into the opening.
  • Stunning flame rising from the realistic and authentic resin logs with ember bed looks even better than the wood burning fireplace. 100% energy saving LED shorten your bill, while also enjoying the beautiful flame effect with or without the heater all year long.
  • Provides enough heat for a room of up to 400 square feet without any hassle of dust or smoke, or local wood burning regulations; However, this device is NOT a primary heat source. Uses a standard 120V with a polarized plug, or a 15amb circuit.
  • One year limited warranty. Customer service is always ready for help whenever needed.
  • The remote is required one CR2032 3V Lithium battery, what is NOT included in the package.
  • CSA Certified.
Weight 20 kg
Dimensions 9.56 × 22.88 × 19 cm

Legend Flame




Powder Coated




5000 British Thermal Units






23 Inches


1 CR2032 batteries required.


23 x 9.5 x 20 inches, 9.56"D x 22.88"W x 19"H


20 Pounds








1 CR2032 batteries required.


April 17, 2021


Legend Flame, Legend Flame Group LLC

10 reviews for LegendFlame 23″ W Free Standing Electric Fireplace Log Set (EF290), Fireplace Insert, Heater 750W/1500W, Crackling Sound

  1. Luv2read

    Perfect if you love having a fire but don’t love smelling like one.
    We love fires for the holidays and during the Fall & Winter. What we don’t love is the entire house smelling like smoke. So I’ve been looking for one of these for a while. I decided to take a chance on this one despite it being on the pricey side because of all the ones I’ve seen it looks the most like an actual bed of coals with logs. Let’s start with the look: It looks amazing, even when not turned on. When it’s on it’s perfect. The bed of glowing embers with “flames” above them, topped with the logs just looks like a real fire. The rolling fire effect not only goes through the logs but also reflects off the back of the fireplace, which makes for a very realistic effect. We could not be happier with the appearance. It gives that cozy feel just as we were hoping. The heater is surprisingly strong on high and blows hot air quickly and powerfully. No complaints there either. As for the sound, it’s a mixed bag. The crackling sound is nice & subtle on low, but on high sounds very tinny. This comes down to a small, weak speaker. I’m not worried about it because on low it sounds just right. On high my wife says it sounds like someone lit a fire in a tin can. I might replace the speaker with a better one down the road, but it’s fine as is. A nice bonus in the manual is the back page is a schematic, which would make any repairs or upgrades easier.The wind sound is kind of pointless. I get what they were going for (a fire on a windy day) but the result sounds exactly like someone frying bacon in a pan. Not much reason I can think of to ever use it. Still, I’m not taking a star off for such a minor thing I’ll never use. The remote is simple and easy to use. I guess it’s the nature of the design, but since the remote sensor is tucked away under the “grate”, you have to be sure to aim in the right spot for it to work.As I write this review I’m sitting next to the fireplace. I love the coziness of it, and every once in a while my eye catches the glow and my brain wonders why there’s no heat coming off the fire. Then I remember it’s metal and plastic.We really couldn’t be happier with this. It adds the look (and mostly the sound) of a real fire without the mess and smell (first world problems, right?). I can’t say how durable it will be but it feels solidly built, and other than the cheap speaker it feels well thought out. It’s one of the more expensive ones…I’ve seen these for $100 or less on sale…but it looks much more realistic than the cheap models.

  2. J. Clerkin

    Looks really good!
    The makers of this product make it clear it is not to be depended upon as a main heat source. We’ve got central heat that’s starting to go out, and on days when it’s not working this unit creates a nice warm zone in our living room…. It won’t heat a house, but does fine in a moderate sized room.It looks great in our fireplace, really enjoy the option of flame effects without heat on warmer evenings when you want a fireplace ambiance but not the warmth.The crackling sound effect is a bit of a letdown… it’s sounds tinny and poorly recorded like it’s playing on a circa 1970 tape recorder. There are three settings, the loudest two make it clear it’s a poor recording, but when set to the minimum volume, with the TV or music on it sounds much more believable in the background.Would I buy this again? Yep. Would I like to see them tweak it a bit to add even more realism? Yep.We love a wood fire, but given the increasing toll climate change is taking on the planet, and the amount of “No burn days” that are declared here in the Bay Area where we live, this is a great answer for those who desire the warm glow of a fireplace without the pollution, mess or hassle of burning wood.Edit: Added a picture, and just want to add that we’re still really pleased with this purchase. Yes, you can hear the fan when you’ve got the heat on, but it’s about on par with the wood stove I grew up with that had a blower to more efficiently heat the house. Watching TV or listening to music, it just becomes white noise in the background.

  3. Annie G

    Looks like a real fire burning!
    I love this electric fire insert. It far exceeds my expectations. Easy to set up, looks realistic, and puts out enough heat to keep our 900 sq. ft condo comfortable. We keep our thermostat at 70 and it rarely turns on when we have the insert going. I highly recommend this fireplace insert. You will not be disappointed!

  4. Amazon Customer

    Awesome and beautiful
    I love this heater! We took out the gas one because it smelled awful and this took its place, it fit great and love that it makes the Fire crackling sound and that we can enjoy it without heat too .

  5. Squilliam Fancyson

    Amazing! Incredible purchase! So happy with this fire log!
    Honestly stunned by this product! Fit perfect into my vintage fireplace! I absolutely love the heat, sound and visual of this fire log. I have another and this one beats it by a long shot. I can’t express how excited and happy I am by my purchase of this fake fire log. I am 110% satisfied with my purchase!

  6. mark & judy

    We are so impressed with this electric fire insert. It looks so much better than it does in the pictures. The sound was a little bit tinny and we took black electrical tape and covered the holes and it muffled the sound a little. It looks real and now it sounds real and we are so glad we made this purchase. It’s a great price also.


    Don’t hesitate to buy
    I have wanted a fire in this fireplace for 7 years now. This chimney is 131 years old and needs rebuilt so fake it is. I am not able to purchase a ventless gas insert currently so I purchased this set based off the reviews. Shipping took a while for my impatient self but I received it after a week. I love the way this looks so much, I’m completely satisfied with my purchase. So it has 2 different crackling sounds, I do not much care for the windy one. Sounds like bacon frying. I am using the first crackle on a lower volume to try to cut out the hollow sound. My only complaint is the speaker but honestly I wouldn’t have purchased this without it no matter what it sounded like. If you use the crackle on a lower volume it’s much better. Remote is great. Have not used the heat, probably won’t. I purchased simply for aesthetic. It really makes the room cosy at night! Looks great even when off. It is pricey imo but reasonable compared to the market and this set doesn’t look cheap like the more value ones.

  8. Lab Lover

    Great log set
    This log set was a great replacement for real logs and provides great atmosphere. Fit our large fireplace and we opted not to use the back reflector panel. The flame effect looks better against the back bricks. Heater works well and is a good supplement for central heat. The sound effect mode however is just “meh”. Lowest setting its kinda ok but the rest sound like a scratchy old record. Overall a really good alternative to dealing with burning wood or high natural gas prices. Can’t attest to durability yet but seems well made.

  9. Amazon Customer

    Better than expected
    Better than I anticipated it would be, provides the same ambience as the gas logs it replaced for a fraction of the running cost.

  10. Karen C.

    It looks wonderful!!!!

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