COSYAIREY Flame Heater Fireplace, Energy Efficient Space Heater with Dynamic Flame Effect, 30% Energy Saving

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Power Source Corded Electric
Product Dimensions 8.34″D x 5.12″W x 8.34″H
Material Ceramic
Installation Type Freestanding
Heat Output 1500 Watts
Special Feature 𝘿𝙮𝙣𝙖𝙢𝙞𝙘 𝙁𝙡𝙖𝙢𝙚 𝙀𝙛𝙛𝙚𝙘𝙩, 𝙏𝙞𝙥-𝙤𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙎𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙘𝙝, 𝙇𝙤𝙬 𝙉𝙤𝙞𝙨𝙚
Color Black
Room Type Office, Bedroom, Home
Heating Coverage 200 Square Feet
  • 【🔥REALISTIC DYNAMIC FLAME EFFECT – DECORATE YOUR HOME】Our energy efficient space heater is equipped with a very realistic log flame effect. Our electric space heater can create an enchanting fireside environment without the mess and smoke of the actual fire. The gorgeous dynamic flame and burning-to-log design show you a different visual impact while you enjoy the warmth the space heater fireplace offers. Realistic flames of electric space heaters for indoor use is a beautiful decoration for Christmas.
  • 【🔥30% ENERGY SAVING – SAVE YOUR MONEY】Compared with similar heaters, this energy efficient space heater can save 30% of energy to get the same heat effect. Energy-saving certified, our space heater fireplace will help you save more on energy bills while keeping your room warm. Make the most of our space heater fireplace and enjoy warm winters.
  • 【🔥 FAST HEATING & 2 HEAT SETTINGS – WARM YOUR FEET QUICKLY】This electric space heaters for indoor use has 2 heat settings: 1000W and 1500W. Adopted with the latest PTC ceramic technology, this energy efficient space heater can quickly generate heat in 1 second and then evenly circulate the air to a wide area, providing you with broader warmth coverage. Even in the cold winter, energy efficient space heater can quickly warm your feet and keep the cold away from you.
  • 【🔥SAFETY PROTECTION – ENJOY the WARMTH WITHOUT FEAR】No more worrying about the safety of your kids and pets! Our space heater fireplace featured tip-over and overheating protection. The energy efficient space heater will automatically shut off if the electric space heater is too hot or tipped over. Our electric space heater is UL certified for better quality assurance. The surface of portable space heater is always cool to the touch. The electric space heaters for indoor use can be used safely around your little kids and pets.
  • 【🔥COMPACT DESIGN & LOW NOISE LEVEL – FALL ASLEEP in a QUIET and WARM SPACE】Designed with a built-in handle, this small space heater can be easily moved from room to room. Whether it’s pre-heating the bathroom for your baby or warming up your bedroom. Lower to 37dB noise level, an space heater for office can create a warm and quiet space no matter whether you work in the office or sleep in the bedroom.
  • 【🔥50s HEAT DISSIPATION – LONGER SERVICE LIFE】If our indoor space heater is turned off, the indoor space heaters will automatically run for 50s to dissipate heat. Improve product life. At the same time, the small space heater for office reduces the temperature of the body, maintains a cold touch, and prevents burns.
  • 【🔥THE WARMEST GIFTS for THANKSGIVING/CHRISTMAS】Our space heater office has a beautiful dynamic flame effect, the gorgeous dynamic flame effect of office space heater can decorate the night of Thanksgiving and Christmas. giving you and your mom a different visual impact! Enjoy a warm and different Thanksgiving/Christmas with your family on a cold winter night with our space heaters for indoor use small room!
  • 📌 NOTE 1📌 When using the personal space heater, please keep it on the DESKTOP or on the HARD GROUND before it can be used. (If placing the heater on the carpet, please place hard CARDBOARD under the heater) When the space heater for bedroom is POWERED OFF, the space heater for indoor use will continue to run for the 📌50s📌 to dissipate heat and improve the product’s service life.
  • 📌 NOTE 2📌 The space heater bathroom has a tip-over switch. When the quiet space heater is tilted more than 📌10°📌, it will automatically power off to protect your safety. Therefore, please do not tilt or lift the space heater when using it.
  • 📌 NOTE 3📌 If you want to use use it normally, repeat the operation of 1, put it on a level surface, and then run it normally.




Product Description


Energy Efficient Space Heater–Warm you up in winter

The realistic dynamic flame provides a great decoration to your modern room. The rapid-heating space heater fireplace makes you feel warmer throughout the winter. Let’s enjoy the warm winter now!

If the heater DOESN’T work right, please try these steps below. Thank you!

  1. Turn the product upside down, press down the protection mechanism and hold it.
  2. Then turn the unit on to check whether the dynamic flame effect is displayed and hot air is coming out.
  3. If the unit can work normally in upside-down test, but cannot work after being placed upright. Please confirm whether there is a softer carpet on the ground or the tilt angle exceeds 10°, which may cause misjudgment by the protection mechanism.
  4. Please try to put it on a hard and flat surface and turned on again.

With realistic flame and a bed of embers, the electric space heater provides a cozy ambiance, making your room feels much warmer in the cold winter. This bathroom space heater is a perfect choice for people who want to enjoy the look of the flame without the mess and smoke of the real fire.

Safety Protection – Don’t worry about the safety of your kids and pets

With overheating and a tip-over switch, the electric space heaters for indoor use will shut off when the space heater fireplace is overheated or knocked over. Don\’t worry about the safety of your kids and pets.

Dynamic Flame

Not just simple energy efficient space heater, the realistic log flame effect can show you a different visual impact while you enjoy the warmth.

PTC Ceramic Tech

Adopted with the latest PTC ceramic technology, this ceramic space heater can quickly generate heat in 1s and evenly warm your room.

2 Heat Setting Operation

Medium 1000W and High 1500W temperatures are designed, so you can choose the most suitable setting to meet your needs of heating.

Cooling for 50s

When the is turned off, the fan of the inside space heater will still run for the 50s to dissipate heat.

Weight 3.76 kg
Dimensions 8.34 × 5.12 × 8.34 cm

10 reviews for COSYAIREY Flame Heater Fireplace, Energy Efficient Space Heater with Dynamic Flame Effect, 30% Energy Saving

  1. COProgressive

    Very cute and with a few more modifications, could be a 5-star plus
    Positive as is: Cute, functional and the embers with flames screen is so relaxing, even somewhat realistic.Needs improvement: This is a tiny space heater meant to be within feet of you–no problem. 1) But still, the operating buttons on the BACK of the unit? Not helpful. Bring them to the front, sides, or top, please and make sure they do what is advertised. I’m still not sure #1 *medium and #2 high heat are any different whatsoever. 2. This would be near perfect if the visual flame effect could be operated sans any other feature (no heat) or with a very low heat setting or low speed fan only. 3. A timer would make this near perfect and reduce the chance of overheating. So, rework the operating buttons, allow the visual effect to be used on its own or under low heat or low fan only and finally, put a timer on it. This would sell like the proverbial hotcakes.On edit 11/16, I like this so much I ordered one for my “always cold” sister. I’d still like to see some of the improvements mentioned above to give it a 5+ rating, but will now add a star to my earlier review to a 5.I don’t know how long it will hold up, but so far so good and it is soothing to fall asleep next to.

  2. elle

    So adorable!
    Bought 3, The tip over security works AMAZING! Sooo amazing that I thought it didn’t work upon receiving it lol FLAT SURFACES ARE IMPORTANT when testing the product and for all uses. (Im definitely a ding dong lol) The customer service was super helpful and kind. I’m hoping that these last a long time because I love them a lot already! Heat features are nice and toasty!

  3. Amazon Customer

    Functional and cute novelty item.
    I ran across this looking for an electric fireplace for my 289 square foot garage conversion/family room. I have AC there but no heater. Just as pictured, no branding like another one I got from a different company. Super cute and such a little novelty item. I thought it would be cheesy but actually is realistic and functional. Recommend.

  4. Margaret S.

    Zero stars. Did not work. Blows cold air. No flames.
    It’s a piece of garbage. Does not blow warm air. Only cold. Flames do not appear. It does not turn on then will not turn off. Waste of time and effort. Stay away.

  5. Stephanie H.

    Adds a cozy touch, heats quickly, auto shut-off
    We got this little space heater for our RV living room, and we love the little “fireplace” in the front! It does look like real flames and adds a cozy touch. We placed it on a small step stool so that we could see the flames better. The heater heats up quickly and has two settings that will turn the heater off when it reaches the temperature. We tried the tip-over feature and the heater immediately shut off when tipped or lifted which makes us feel better about having it in a small space with our animals. When tipped, it goes into a cool down cycle, and you can’t turn it back on until the cool-down is complete and it shuts off.I don’t care for the controls in the back of the unit. They aren’t that easy to see and having them in the back means you have to stand over the unit to operate. You can’t really pick it up and turn it around to see the controls or you’ll activate the auto shut-off. Front or side controls would have been better.Other space heaters we’ve used in our RV have been rather noisy, mostly because of the louder fans and their oscillating feature. This one is quieter, but doesn’t oscillate. I like the quiet operation, but without the oscillation feature, the room doesn’t warm up as evenly. For our purposes, using it in a very small space, it was fine.

  6. Kim Harris

    Nice little heater with simulated fire
    So far so good. Works like a charm

  7. S. D. Glad

    So cute and functional, but…
    This is so cute, and it does warm up a room nicely but I can’t handle the strong chemical smell. I tried airing it out for several days, even outside, and the smell isn’t going away so sadly I’m returning it. It might not bother other people though.As far as the review that says it doesn’t work, I think they must have been impatient. It has an auto shut off, the fan runs for a little bit to cool it down after you shut it off, the fire effect takes a few seconds to come on.

  8. Kimberly R.

    Does not stay on
    I hate this heater. When it stays on it is great but it shuts off on its on making it essentially useless. I cant seem to figure out how to operate it. You would think it would be pretty simple but it is not.

  9. Luke Schuster

    Cheap and don’t like really doesn’t heat up.
    Doesn’t really heat up. Don’t like at all.

  10. Heather wallace

    It sucks
    This thing doesn’t give enough heat out. it really sucks y’all need to do a better job

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