R.W.FLAME Flame Electric Fireplace 50 inch Recessed and Wall Mounted,The Thinnest Fireplace Low Noise , Fit for 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 Stud

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Product Dimensions 3.85″D x 50″W x 18.11″H
Material Metal
Installation Type Wall Mount
Style Modern
Color Black
Ventilation Type Ventless
Item Weight 48.4 Pounds
Model Name RFH-5001L
Chamber Depth 18.1 Inches
  • Attractive and Practical Design: 50″L x 18.11″H x3.89″W ,The thickness of the new style is only 3.85 inch while the old one is 6 inch. And it operates the same as the old one. Also we redesign the location of main power and power cable, which makes the new fireplace more attractive and practical.
  • Multi Operation Modes: Touch screen and remote control;12 flame & LED flame bed color modes;5 flame speed modes;5 flame brightness levels; Specially automatic flame design(the flame color and brightness changed
  • Energy Saving: 750W & 1500W modes can be adjusted accordingly for both warm and energy saving purpose. The supplemental zone heating is for up to 400 square feet.
  • Safety and comfort: ETL Certificate Approved. It also has auto-heat kill safety to avoid the super heating. The heat is good for maintaining the natural humidity within the air without making the room too dry.
  • Consider buying one set for your sweet home. Let R.W.FLAME electric fireplace warm your home and life.






Ultrathin 3.85 inch

  1. The thinnest electric fireplace in the market.
  2. Easy to install, in wall & recessed way.

It brings you elegance all year around.

User- Friendly Design

Compared with traditional design (The switch is on the side edge of fireplace , and it is not convenient to use when in recessed installation), the new design is more user-friendly. And it is very convenient to switch on or off both in recessed and wall mounted installation way.

Cable Protection Design

  1. The new design enables long use for cable. The cable is not easy to be worn and torn or to break.
  2. And it will be user-friendly when both in wall mounted and recessed installation way.

remote control

  1. 12 Flame Color
  2. 12 Flame bed color
  3. 5 Brightness
  4. 750W~ 1500W Fan Heater
Weight 48.4 kg
Dimensions 3.85 × 50 × 18.11 cm





Wall Mount










18.1 Inches


18.11 Inches


18.1 x 3.85 x 50 inches, 3.85"D x 50"W x 18.11"H


48.4 Pounds








July 19, 2019



10 reviews for R.W.FLAME Flame Electric Fireplace 50 inch Recessed and Wall Mounted,The Thinnest Fireplace Low Noise , Fit for 2 x 4 and 2 x 6 Stud

  1. 77hopeful77

    imitation flames are better for your lungs
    I almost never write reviews, but get two people to help you put this up. Two strong people1. maybe get better wall anchors, I will replace mine if necessary, they work but not locked in… don’t let this stop you from buying though…its absolutely breathtaking when complete, so watch and patiently learn how to hang things on a wall and you will like this unit. Practice on something small, then get two people to help.2. heat is ok to good. your getting this thing for the balance of looks and heat, its not just for heat, but heat is ok its acceptable.3. The mount IS where the top IS, pretty much. Be so careful of that data cable… i got hurt separating it which you must do or take pillows and lower the glass unit 3 feet resting on pillows or furniture or something……if you cant separate it.. i actually got injured doing it, take your time, be careful you will/may need to cut the tie that bunches the data cable carefully without cutting the data cable..4. Hey folks, use a level, use a level, or buy one.. a three foot level, not a 1 footer. When marking the holes for the mount, you will be so grateful you bought a level. They are Not expensive, the aluminum long cheap ones with the green colored liquid bubble… Remember, you are installing the hanging mount first, not the unit so drill one hole (use AR) if necessary to visulalize, hang the mount from the one screw partially screwed, angle it seesaw it..etc… mark the other holes (as it is level….exact center of hole. Then when you drill 90 degrees please unless you have studs…. These instructions are for most folks that are drywall rich and stud poor…. you can hang it on drywall, don’t need studs, but might want to upgrade anchors at some point…. etc…etc…..light hammer, don’t break your walls, i used 1/4 inch drill bit and reamed it a little, its not a 3/8 hole, it seems smaller…u want it snug cause these aren’t the best grippers plastic anchors for the job….etc..

  2. Dan Guilarte

    Great product, difficult installation
    Product is great. Looks and functions wonderfully. Installation was way more difficult than it should be. Buyer beware that if you’re flush mounting this it requires at least a brace along the top back of where the fireplace will sit. I thought it would mount with screws on the sides (sounds easy right?), it doesn’t. It mounts with 2 screws through holes in the back (hence the need for bracing). Not a huge deal if you get the fireplace prior to building the wall/cutting the hole but put me in a bad spot with the wall being already built.

  3. shawn s.

    We absolutely love this fireplace and it is gorgeous. I only have one complaint and it’s not a major one. I wish you were able to turn off the rock color and only have the flame color on by itself. Unfortunately the “white light” rock option actually looks light lavender in a bad black fireplace so I don’t really care for thatOther than that beautiful and easy to use. Also very easy to install my husband built this whole fireplace entertainment wall by himself and entered the fireplace inserts easily! We are in love

  4. Scott Mahr

    Arrived with the Heater Blower not working.
    This unit arrived quickly. Install looks pretty straight forward. The heater blower fan does NOT work when the heater is turned on. The heater quickly overheats and trips the thermal switch shutting down the unit until it cools off. The “flames” work and look pretty good. I’ve contacted the seller several different ways and do not have a response yet from them. (Been several days) I’m giving them a chance to respond to my inquiries for troubleshooting, parts, etc. to get it working properly. I will not do a final install until it is working as is should. I rated the remote low as I have not had an opportunity to use it yet.UPDATE: Seller contacted me and issue is resolved. Great support and first item to check fixed the problem.

  5. emptynestantique

    You’re gonna wanna read this for TRADITIONAL fire look
    If you want traditional fire look with hot coals you can order black rock and it looks SO much more real…even when it’s off. The clear rock that comes with it looks like ice cubes when it’s not on and wasn’t a good look either. I ordered several of the ceramic logs for gas logs and no way they would fit when we got them…much less look real spread out like that. I can’t say anything about the longevity of the product bc we just installed it but i’m pleased so far. I don’t usually do reviews but this would have helped me greatly when i was searching for my “farmhouse!”

  6. PsyniiGianni S.

    I Hope This Helps
    This is a very striking fireplace. I read some of the other reviews that there is a clicking noise that comes from their unit. Unfortunately I read about that after I bought the unit. I had my fingers crossed that I would receive one that didn’t make that sound. I had read other reviews stating that they had no problems with a clicking sound coming from the fireplace. When it arrived, I decided to test it out and indeed my unit was making a clicking sound also. If you do receive a unit that does this, there is a fix for it and it only takes a few minutes. Take the glass off and then turn the fireplace upside down. Take the bottom panel off which will be 9 or so screws. Plug the fireplace in and then turn it on. You will see a rod that has these little reflective plastic pieces. What happens is that these pieces rub when the rod turns in a circle. All you have to do is take note of which ones are rubbing and just take a nail clipper and just trim them a bit. It’s probably no more that 2 or 3 of them. Once you’ve done that and you no longer hear the noise, just put the panel back on and everything should be fine. I hope this helps anyone who is having a problem with a clicking noise coming from their fireplace. The fireplace gives off a good amount of heat. It won’t cook you but makes the room very warm and comfortable.

  7. Tracey

    Third one I have bought
    The first fireplace I bought was almost two years ago, and it was to replace an electric insert that blew the heat out of the back… what a stupid design!My sister liked this (R.W. flame recessed fireplace insert) so much, that I bought her one for Christmas last year. Then I bought another one for a different room in our house just a few months ago and finally installed it.It is a shallow insert, so it makes framing super easy. It blows the warm air out of the front (rather than the back like my original one did), and it has a lot of fun features like color options, flame speed, fan speed, and you can turn the fan off completely and just have the “flames,” which do look pretty.

  8. andie p

    Looks very nice
    I purchased this due to high oil prices. It has lots of options with flame and colors. Provided a supplement to heat. Raises about 3/4 degrees in 3 hours. Not bad for 1500 watts. Haven’t received my electric bill yet but thinking it should be more reasonable than oil. I use my ceiling fan on winter low speed that really seems to help distribute heat in area. I have cathedral ceiling..happy so far. Remote Is a bit touchy need to be right in front of fireplace and close for it to work good. Wish the remote was a little better made. Still highly recommend product it has a lot more pros than just a little remote inconvenience.

  9. BuggeG

    Perfect for the purpose
    Love this..been using for a month or so and it’s very warm in my new room. We live in snowy winters and it’s by far better than a wall heater! We just put in addition to house and the thought of base board heating was not what I could or wanted to imagine! This idea came to me and I am so glad it did! It works perfect.

  10. Paul Hinsman

    Great fireplace
    It’s great fireplace. I have a porch wrapped in plastic and it’s 30 degrees out. And my porch I could sit in shorts and a tank top.

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