BLUU Grill & Cooking Propane Flame Torch, Outdoor Charcoal Starter, Professional Grilling Torch Lighter Kitchen Tool

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Color Black
Brand BLUU
Maximum Temperature 2400 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • IDEAL COOKING TOOL FOR MAN WHO LIKE GRILL AND PARTY – The Bluu’s high power propane torch gun can quickly finish your meat and delivers a mouthwatering flame-broiled flavor every time. Just ignite the charcoal then join your friends party with juicy steak.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION PROPANE KITCHEN TORCH – Perfect for professional cooking, grilling steak & bell peppers, caramelizing sugar atop creme brulee, melting cheese and toasting bread crumbs. It can also be useful for lighting fireplaces, grills and bonfires.
  • ADJUSTABLE CONTRAL with MAX 2400℉ FLAME – Flame temperature of our Torch can reach up to 2400 °F to perfectly suited for most applications. The wider and heavier flame outlet can strongly output powerful flame. Handheld Propane Torch Head is perfect for searing food in a hurry.
  • WIDE FUEL ADAPTION & DETAILED INSTRUCTION – The torch lighter can be used with propane, MAPP, MAP-Pro gas. Suitable for most propane tanks on the market.The package contains detailed instructions for use, which can help beginners figure out how to use and store the propane torch.




Bluu Cooking Torch – Lights Up Your Grill In Seconds


Perfect for cooking, grilling steak & bell peppers, lighting fireplaces, grills and bonfires / Flame temperature of our Torch can reach up to 2400 °F to perfectly suited for most applications / The torch lighter can be used with propane, MAPP, MAP-Pro gas. Suitable for most propane tanks.

Next Level Experience of Cooking

The Bluu cooking torch has been created with cutting-edge technology. This torch offers customizable flames to match your cooking needs. Whether you’re caramelizing sugar, searing a steak or roasting bell peppers, we believe the Bluu torch will give you that professional finish you are dying for all while being easy to operate and convenient to use.

Dimensions 8.03 × 2.32 cm

‎Culinary Torch Gun


‎1.68 pounds


‎15.55 x 8.03 x 2.32 inches


‎Culinary Torch Gun












August 5, 2021



10 reviews for BLUU Grill & Cooking Propane Flame Torch, Outdoor Charcoal Starter, Professional Grilling Torch Lighter Kitchen Tool

  1. J. Powell

    Gets hot and stays lit…
    Torch is quite hot and stays lit, even in a stiff wind. Melts black plastic water troughs and ‘welds’ cracks water tight. Company is responsive as well.

  2. tcop

    Ignition doesn’t work, but Customer Service does!
    Amended:The torch really does produce a large flame. After mentioning the ignition problem, BLUU customer service reached out to me and offered to make things right. Honestly, they went above and beyond. I wasn’t hoping for anything, but they offered me options to make things whole. Now I’m happily searing steaks without any remorse.Original:Flame is strong but you need another flame to light it. Make sure you have a long candle lighter.

  3. Alex

    Wonderful Propane Torch for lump charcoal start ups
    There is a learning curve in using this device, the BLUU Grill & Cooking Propane Torch, but after a couple of tries, I am able to start the torch without hassle. Begin by turning the knob just enough to spit out some propane, then tap the knob to make pilot light the torch. If it doesn’t start up on the second try, give a little bit more propane, it doesn’t need much, but the torch will start. You don’t need to turn the knob all the way on with maximum propane gas flying out, only a little turn and the torch lights up.

  4. E Brown

    I have a flamethrower
    I haven’t used my propane grill in almost 3 years, and this is a game changer in the charcoal world. You go from loading lump charcoal to grilling in 5-7 minutes. I bought a hose to connect this to my 20lb propane tank. After a low and slow smoke and wrap of some baby back ribs on the kettle, the last thing you want to do is load up more charcoal to caramelize the sauce. Use the torch for picture worthy, amazingly sticky ribs. Leftover ribs? Cut them off the bone, sauce and toss, give them a good torching, nacho topper. Also great for sous vide.Great for fathers day, birthday, or just buy one on a random Tuesday.Unfortunately, I had a what I would call a rare defect. BLUU’s customer service was spot on, replied in a matter of hours on a Sunday, and rectified my issue immediately.

  5. Bob

    SEE UPDATE. – WON’T LIGHT! Not much I can do with it! ISSUE RESOLVED!
    Won’t light… Enough said. No response from customer service. They only give a number to text…UPDATE. Have had much contact with customer service to get replacement and make sure new one is operational.If you buy this product, which works very well now, I would suggest that you turn the gas on the lowest setting to light it then turn gas up to desired level.

  6. Brian Helfeldt

    Great product and excellent customer service
    Had a issue after a few starts that it wouldn’t fire, contacted the seller we went over a few things and he decided it was faulty and sent me a new one, so far it has worked like charm!

  7. kirk spencer

    Sun Rot
    UPDATE: BLUU Contacted me after writing this review and offered to replace or refund due to mine falling apart from sun rot. I am adding one star to the review for their customer services. However, I strongly encourage any buyers to keep their torches out of the sun. It’s not the heat from the sun, but the UV from the sun that rotted the plastic, making it fall apart. Not all plastics are the same and the plastics used for this torch were not made to withstand the UV rays from the sun.Original Review Follows:The product appeared to be everything I was looking for. Functionally it worked as expected and put out a good amount of heat. It was great for roasting chilis, getting a nice crust on a steak, etc.However, I generally kept mine outside with the gas tank and it only took a week or maybe two before the sun had completely ruined the plastic and it fell apart. The plastic used for the housing is not capable of withstanding sun. If you buy this, keep it inside. Use it, and outside and then bring it in to avoid sun rot.I really wish they had used a plastic that was more resistant to this sun damage. I really enjoyed the product up to the point that it fell apart.I’ve toyed with the idea of trying to re-design the housing in fusion 360 so that I can 3d print it because I like the product so much and want to get more use out of it beyond a couple of weeks. I can still “use” it, but I have to hold all the inner pieces just right to light it, so it’s a hassle.

  8. Ross

    Huge flame!
    I actually bought this to light my fire pit and do wood burning, and maybe occasionally sear a steak.The flame on this thing is huge, it borders between torch and flame thrower. It’s super cool but don’t light it in your house until you’ve at least practiced outside!

  9. GenericEpi0387

    Great for me!
    Keep it out of sun, use it for short bursts, treat it respectfully and it works like a charm.

  10. Joe W.

    Great Product But…
    I bought this torch to use for my Christmas roast. It worked great for searing, the problem I had was that my safety switch broke off.

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