GRILLBLAZER GrillGun and Su-VGun Combo Grilling and Culinary Flame Torch Set – GrillGun, Su-VGun, 8′ Hose, 2 Stands – BBQ Tools

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Color Black
Material Steel, Brass and 30% Glass filled Nylon
Maximum Temperature 8 Degrees Fahrenheit
  • THE ULTIMATE GRILLBLAZER COMBO: Can’t decide between the GrillGun or the Su-VGun? Get them both with this combo set that includes 1 GrillGun, 1 Su-VGun, 2 Bottle Stands and 1 8-foot Adapter Hose in one convenient package
  • GET THAT CHARCOAL FLAME-BROILED FLAVOR WITH THE GRILLGUN: Our high power propane GrillGun is designed to light charcoal or wood in your grill or smoker quickly – no more waiting around to cook that juicy burger!
  • TAKE THE ACTION INTO YOUR KITCHEN WITH THE SU-VGUN: A favorite of culinary enthusiasts everywhere, our compact Su-VGun sears meat cooked sous vide, finishes your creme brulee, or can start your small charcoal grill in seconds
  • POWERED BY PROPANE: The GrillGun and Su-VGuns use either 1 pound propane bottles or can connect to a 20 pound propane tank with a hose (included in this combo set)
  • A GREAT GIFT FOR THE PROFESSIONAL CHEF: Our easy-to-use handheld blowtorch guns are great for backyard grillers, BBQ lovers, and anyone who loves the taste and aroma of charcoal, but hates to wait for the coals to be ready.

Get the ultimate GrillBlazer experience!

Can’t decide between the GrillGun or the Su-VGun? Get the best of both worlds with this combo set that includes 1 GrillGun, 1 Su-VGun, 2 Bottle Stands and 1 8-foot Adapter Hose in one convenient package!

Get your grill started with the GrillGun

It’s hard to describe how fun it is to operate a GrillGun and use it to start all types of fires. It is lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to use, plus it looks and sounds like a jet airplane. While using the GrillGun to light the charcoal (or wood), you will also be able to warm up the grill, burn off the residual grease, dirt or grime left on the grill after the last time you used it, all in a matter of minutes rather than the typical 20 to 30 minutes it take to bring a typical grill up to the temperature needed to cook food. Keep one in your car trunk or with your outdoor supplies, and it will be ready for you to take to picnics, to the lake, on camping trips, to the park, or to your tailgating parties!

Take the flame indoors with the compact Su-VGun

Lighting your outdoor charcoal grill, chiminea, backyard fireplace, or campfire has never been so much fun, so cool, and so fast! The Su-VGun lights your grill in just a matter of seconds, while being entirely portable, easy to use, with a great feel in the hand – all this while looking awesome. With a 6-inch shorter barrel than our standard GrillGun, our professional grade Su-VGun gives you more control and a tighter, closer flame to easily control the finishing touches on your sous vide meats, to caramelize your creme brulee, or to finish off up other foods that require a flame torched touch. A favorite of culinary enthusiasts everywhere, our easy-to-use Su-VGun delivers a mouthwatering flame-broiled flavor every time.







10 reviews for GRILLBLAZER GrillGun and Su-VGun Combo Grilling and Culinary Flame Torch Set – GrillGun, Su-VGun, 8′ Hose, 2 Stands – BBQ Tools

  1. Laurie Colestock

    A Real Dad ToyOne legal step down from a rare, prized Elon Musk-ian Tesla Flamethrower! It should get 6 stars for raw fun, intimidation and temptation. Definitely Not Suitable for Unsupervised Use by Minors. Friends and family all take a step or two back whenever I go to light up.I bought this man-toy blowtorch for myself, to light wood pellets and firewood in our new Tiki 25″ fire pit, and charcoal in our Napoleon BBQ grill. The long “barrel” makes it handy for burning weeds and brush and melting sidewalk ice with minimal bending.The GrillGun is very easy to light (almost too easy) and has a well-designed blowtorch flame pattern.My only issue is that I left a nearly-full bottle of propane screwed to the GrillGun after my first use, and most of the fuel had leaked away after a few days. I’m not sure if the control valve or the bottle seal was to blame for the slow propane leak, but I was surprised when I went to use the GrillGun again and discovered it was very low on fuel. I recommend removal of the propane bottle from the GrillGun after use.The GrillGun is well-made of good-quality materials and feels solid. I was a bit concerned about the spark ignition mechanism (the ones used on gas BBQ grills often fail) but it works great so far.

  2. G

    Works as designed and fun to use!I’ve had zero problems with the GrillBlazer. It works well. I use the propane tank hose attachment to run from a BBQ Grill Propane Tank. I use this weekly!

  3. Mike PNW

    Great Product and Great Customer Service!The Grill Gun is the real thing….my coals are lit well within a minute! 🙂 The gun is super easy to use but you do want to make sure you follow the instructions. I mistakingly didn’t remove the pressure in the hose after I used it and I thought it was broken. I contacted GrillBlazer’s customer service and they were right on the issue! They showed me how to easily correct my issue and this gun is back on the road! 🙂 Both the gun and the company are top quality!

  4. Alan Werzberger MD

    Excellent. Quickest way to sous vide a steak.This is an excellent product when used according to instructions in the helpful videos. It is fun to use, and is the quickest way to sear a steak to perfection.

  5. Mr I

    Love itExcellent product, I suggest you watch the videos on how to clear the check valves and service. The service kit is worth it. I had the tank steam come out due to a defective propane tank. The check valve ball fell out. Luckily we found it, but a spare is in the kit.One thing is when you get liquid propane in the gun, the check valves shut it down, the video shows you how to prevent this and clear the torch. This is a safety setup.The extension cable is a great idea for a reusable tank and no liquid propane issues. Make the torch more maneuverable.I’ve used mine this summer for a few months. It works perfectly and reverse sears exceptionally. Paying more for a company that backs up their product makes a difference.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Fun and effective flamer for grills and starting firesSexy design, one feels like they are holding a proper flamethrower. Great at lighting natural lump charcoal in a kamado grill. Speeds up getting your unit to temp. Best of all, it’s a whole lot of fun to use! Family and friends will also enjoy the show. Plan on using it to light my fireplace and a campfire in the future.

  7. Joseph Franks

    Possible faulty accessories and a learning curve.The gun works great once you understand how to adjust and use it. I attached it to a 1LB propane bottle and after a few adjustments of the red screw it lit easily and once you added some gas it provided that extreme blue flame. You’re going to want to add very little gas at first to get the gun lit (too much gas and you’ll get blow by and the gun won’t light). However it will burn through a 1LB bottle very fast and if the bottle isn’t full and pressurized you won’t be able to get that blue torch no matter how much you adjust the settings. If you get one or two uses out of a 1LB bottle you’ll be lucky. So I attached the hose that came with it to a 20LB tank and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get the gun to light easily or provide the blue flame. The gas pressure was almost nil. I thought maybe I opened the tank too fast and tripped the check valve. So I undid everything and tried again being sure to open the tank slowly. Still couldn’t get the gun to do anything. I knew that the gun was capable of working as intended based on the 1LB bottle. So, I ordered a hose from another manufacturer and low and behold the gun works fantastic. You just open the red screw a tad till you hear the gas. One click and you’ll have a small flame. Open the gas and you’ll have a legit flame thrower. I did reach out to the seller to explain my issue with the included hose and they provided me a 40.00 credit for my trouble. Is the gun worth 180.00 hard to say since I’ve had it a week but it definitely gets the job done and is a lot of fun to use : )

  8. Charles Crosby

    Good productVery convenient starts charcoal Very quickly..I own two of these..

  9. Chas

    Functional!Had a part missing in transport. I contacted the maker, with excellent results…. A replacement part was immediately sent to me.Great service, what I like!

  10. Somewhere in SD

    Way better than searing with the grill or a pan…Been using this fairly regularly. I like the char/bark it puts on Steaks and TriTip. Since this gets store outside in my grill, I was looking for a case for it and had a very hard time finding one. I tried some large revolver cases but they were all too small. In the end I found one that worked great but you will have to search for “Fonoun Rectangle Fishing Rod Bag Hard Shell Shockproof”. That case fits the su-v-gun like a glove…

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