Flame King Grill Gun Propane Torch, Culinary Kitchen Torch for Sous Vide Cooking, Searing, Professional Cooking, Charcoal

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Color Charcoal
Brand Flame King
Item Weight 1.07 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 12.5 x 5.5 x 2.3 inches
  • COOK LIKE A PRO: Get that perfect sear for your steak quick and easy! Create amazing dishes at home with our PRO Searer Torch; perfect for searing meat and fish, caramelizing sugar atop creme brulees, melting cheese, roasting bell peppers and tomatoes, and much more
  • MORE THAN JUST A COOKING TORCH (MULTI-USE): Also useful for lighting your charcoal grill, campfire, fireplace, glass blowing, welding, melting metal and much more!
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: Push-button PIEZO ignitor for easier lighting and to keep your hands away from the open flames; adjustable flame control allows for a more precise flame for various applications.
  • COMPATIBLE with 1lb Propane Cylinders, such as Flame King 1 lb Refillable Cylinder (NOT INCLUDED)
  • PERFECT for camping, outdoor parties, get-togethers, and tailgating! IDEAL GIFT for any occasion all year round

Product Description

Flame King Grill Gun Propane Torch, Culinary Kitchen Torch for Searing Meat and Charcoal/Fire Starting

Introducing the all-new PRO Searer Torch by Flame King! Getting the perfect sear for your steak has never been so quick and easy! You can even use it to light your outdoor charcoal grill or campfire. Ideal for many other kitchen and outdoor uses. Give your steak that perfect sear in seconds then walk on over to quickly light your campfire to enjoy it by its side! The torch features a push-button piezo ignitor for easier lighting and to keep hands away from the open flames. The adjustable flame control allows for a more precise flame for various applications. The output from the PRO Searer torch is fully consumed propane gas, in other words, pure fire, pure heat, and no hydrocarbon contamination from any petrochemicals poured onto your charcoal or emitted from your gas grill burners. This makes for the best tasting and most healthy hardwood charcoal grilling available.


  • More than Just a Cooking Torch (Multi-Use)
  • Top Quality and Durable
  • Safe and Versatile
  • Adjustable Flame Control Valve
  • Push-button piezo ignitor for easier lighting
  • Pure fire, pure heat, and no hydrocarbon contamination


Flame King is dedicated to providing world class products that are second to none. We are always striving to achieve the highest quality, service and value for our customers throughout the world, with a broad line of advanced and innovative products.

Our customer-focused approach has led the way for Flame King to be seen as the fastest growing company within the industry, recognized as a market leader around the world.

Flame King’s steel portable propane cylinders come in various sizes ranging from 1 lb. to 420 lb. for recreational, commercial, industrial and home applications.

Like all of our products, each propane tank and cylinder meet or exceeds industry regulations for quality and are manufactured in facilities that have won awards for proactive safety practices and regulations.

Dimensions 5.5 × 2.3 cm



‎1.07 pounds


‎12.5 x 5.5 x 2.3 inches






‎Propane Kitchen Torch




‎Propane Kitchen Torch






‎Propane Torch




‎1 Year manufacturers defect warranty. Warranty voids if purchased from anybody else that is not Flame King and/or Amazon Retail.




March 3, 2022


Flame King

10 reviews for Flame King Grill Gun Propane Torch, Culinary Kitchen Torch for Sous Vide Cooking, Searing, Professional Cooking, Charcoal

  1. digitalk

    Wholly Bat Torch (this is a win)
    The media could not be loaded. I bought a different brand at double the price. It was a dud from the start. Would not light. I just got the King and it worked on the first try. And the flame shoots out like on the Batmobile. Really powerful. It’s totally worth the price. Will update again after several more uses. For now I am Batman.Update October 2022. Still a great purchase. Works every time. I used it about 6 times now. Helps light coal plus you can sear meat with it. Having a separate control dial from the igniter proved to be much better.

  2. Mack Fairfield

    Good product
    This product works as promised. Remember that you must connect it to a small propane canister that is not included. Be careful if you plan to use it with your Kamado grill. The air flow inside the Kamado will mall lit ambers circulate and blow back on you as you light the charcoal or wood in the Kamado.

  3. Avid Reader

    I just returned mine because it’s too strong a flame. For lighting coals it’s overkill but will get them going faster. The starter on mine made sparks but would not ignite the gas, ever. I had to use another fire starter to get it going every time. It’s a broad flame that I would NOT recommend using indoors! If you want a sear on sous vide steaks, etc, you’re better off with a ribbed cast iron pan. I replaced this with a tighter, more controlled butane torch I can use indoors for steaks or Crème Brule, etc. I paid about the same for it as this one but I feel safer in the house using it, especially in the winter.I also tried this torch to burn away weeds in the yard. The flame spread out too far and burned good plantings with the weeds. Charcoal starter is about the only thing this was useful for. Maybe if they narrowed the tube by half and put a limiter on the gas flow they’d have a winner for meat searing.

  4. Craig johnson

    Quality construction
    The burner seared my steaks great on the grill. The push button snap lighter would not light the torch. I tried turning the gas on as slow as possible and attempted lighting the torch many times. No success lighting with the snap button but lighting it with a lighter works great.

  5. Bill Reals

    Awesome flame torch, just as good as my Searzall
    I’ve had a Searzall for years but was looking for another kitchen torch for our catering business. Couldn’t find another Searzall so I took a chance on this. It’s just as good and can also be used for other uses, like starting a fire since you can adjust the flame on this more dramatically than a Searzall. I also like that it’s all in one, and all you need to add is a mini-propane tank.

  6. danny rodriguez

    works well
    Works well, lights easily, and burns hot. The handle feels cheap and it does not have a safety valve so if tipped too far forward, the propane starts to pour into the ignition and makes the flame much larger unexpectedly.

  7. Sofia

    The media could not be loaded. It does the job. Love the amount of flame it puts out.

  8. Mike

    POWERFUL and easy to use
    Like the review title says… Very powerful flame and very easy to use. I use it to light my fire pit. I think it would sear a steak (or a finger) in about 3 seconds

  9. Gary R. Shepard

    How did I live without this for so long?
    This device is fantastic for lighting my charcoal grill and searing steaks. Starts the charcoal in less than a minute. I was pleasantly surprised at how long a bottle of propane lasts.

  10. JCM

    Will eat up a propane cylinderVery nice strong flame for camp firesVery glad I bought it

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