GAGITER Propane Torch Weed Burner Kit, 800,000 BTU Blow Torch with 9.8 FT Flamethrower with Turbo Trigger for Flame Weeding, Roofing, Melting Ice Snow

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Color Blue
Material Steel
  • 💥Powerful Propane Weed Torch:Our Weed Flame Torch delivers up to 800,000 BTU and heats-up over 3400 ºF with ease for a variety of High-Heat applications;and it has a large nozzle produce strong flame with smooth operation which save hours of hard work.
  • 💥cCSAus Certified: The Propane Torch comes with a valve seal ring manufactured in Germany ( CSA LISTED ), Working PSI: 350 lbs. Reverse thread POL safety valve (loose by turning right, tight by turning left). Contains internal safety mechanisms that restricts 99% of propane flow, in case of leakage.Fitted with a 7/8″-14 TPI male propane bottle connection with a steel tip diameter of 2 5/8’’.
  • 💥Advanced Ignition and Flame Control: The Weed Burner Torch comes with electronic igniter to help you start the flame quickly and safely; Gas valve and a turbo trigger allows you to adjust the flame with one hand. Equipped with an ergonomic handle to increase comfort during use.
  • 💥9.8FT Hose for Extra Reach and Safe: The Weed Torch Wand comes with an extended 9.8 FT hose (CSA Listed), improving maneuverability & extension when working outdoors or on big projects.Reducing unnecessary bending and crouching while landscaping, and the chances of sustaining burns or other injury when igniting a grill or campfire.
  • 💥Durable Construction & Environmental Friendly: This Blow Torch is made of refractory steel for durability.Three layer PVC coated rubber hose is both oil and scratch proof.With the propane weed torch you can solve the weeds between hard to reach crevice efficiently. It is Chemical Free! Do no harm to mother nature.
  • 💥Multipurpose Tool: Our Weed Burner is a great tool. Burn weeds and thorns, melt snow and ice, start a fire, sear meat or fish, solder, do wood grain burning, soften asphalt, remove paint from non-flammable surfaces and more. Ideal for home, garden, farm, industrial and construction use.
  • 💥2-Years Warranty:We provide a 24-month warranty for the weed torch, if you are not satisfied with the product, please contact us at your convenience to refund or replace the product.

Product Description


GAGITER Propane Torch Weed Burner Kit – High Heat 800,000 BTU Output

Say goodbye to bending over and pulling weeds out of your yard. Gagiter propane torch comes fully assembled and ready to use. At 800,000 BTU this is the ultimate torch for your heavy duty jobs. This weed torch is compatible with standard liquid propane tanks including: 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 20 lbs, 30 lbs, 40 lbs and 100 lbs propane tanks. (Propane tank not included)

Reverse Thread POL Safety Valve

This weed torch’s POL connector fittings are reverse thread and needs to be tightened in the following way: to the left is to tighten, and to the right is to loosen, Which can restricts 99% of propane flow, in case of leakage. More safe to use.

One Hand Control

The propane weed torch\’s dual adjustment design of flow valve and turbo-blast trigger allows you to control the flame with one hand for easy operation.For tough applications, initiate the turbo-blast trigger to really turn up the heat!

High Power Flame

Large wide nozzle with adjustable flame. The weed torch adopt refractory steel materials for durability.The weed burner comes with a flow valve and turbo-blast trigger to adjust flame size and intensity, perfect for melting, cutting, thawing, burning, and so on.


  • Piezo electric ignition to ensure safety.
  • 800,000 BTU of maximum heat output.
  • Heats-up to over 3400° F with ease .
  • No pollution, stable performance.
  • Brass valve construction and valve.
  • Dual adjustable flame control.
  • Double switch is easy to use, compact and easy to carry.
  • Solid stainless steel constructed.
  • Ergonomic handle for increased comfort in use.


  • 1x Gagiter Weed Torch Burner
  • 1x 9.8FT Long Hose
  • 1x User Manual
  • 1x Wrench
  • 1x Box
Dimensions 5.5 × 2.8 cm

‎3.94 pounds


‎31.9 x 5.5 x 2.8 inches












November 26, 2021



9 reviews for GAGITER Propane Torch Weed Burner Kit, 800,000 BTU Blow Torch with 9.8 FT Flamethrower with Turbo Trigger for Flame Weeding, Roofing, Melting Ice Snow

  1. Hard Working American

    C + Marginal Quality from Chi-Com
    The Torch is temper – mental and keeping it on its HOT Setting can be challenging. You need to play a lot with the on and off again gas settings, to keep it on hot. Ear Plugs or Ear Protection and eye protection is recommended When working, this torch is great at melting tar rope, tar tape, and Tar / Rubber Chip Fill. The Chip Fill is FAR better than than the rope, The Rope is better than the tape. This works best in the HOT Sun. Warm up the rope in the sun for two hours prior to using.This torch, when working correctly does a great job on killing weeds. Check the weeds out about three-four days later. This process would better if the hose was 15 – 20 feet, or you need a partner to move the tank for you.The 25 year old American Made Torch was FAR better… I broke it… :-(DuckMaster of Frederick

  2. R. Douglas Powell

    Scorched Eath Easy With This Propane Torch
    An excellent propane torch for many uses. I needed one for the cracks in my blacktop driveway. It comes assembled and ready to use with a standard 20 lb propane tank. Got a Blue Rhino tank at Loews.NOTE: I couldn’t get it connected to the tank and contacted the company through the Amazon “help” button. I had a detailed reply within one day and the rep said YOU MUST SCREW IT IN USING REVERSE TURNING (counter clockwise!). I did have to push on the connection for it to catch on the threads and then hand-tightened it. BUT, you still need to use the hand wrench that is supplied with the torch to keep tightening it counter-clockwise until you can’t tighten it any further.(note to company: the user guide does NOT mention this. add a slip of paper into the guide so the customer is aware of this)Wear heavy fireproof gloves and construction boots while operating it. This has 800,000 BTUs of heat!I used it to melt blacktop repair cords in the cracks. Worked great.

  3. mp6003

    pilot light keep going out. otherwise the torch is awesome
    pilot light keep going out. otherwise the torch is awesome

  4. Kevin

    Revised RATING
    I reviewed this product earlier claiming it did not work and that the company did not respond to my requests for help. After I posted my orginal review I did get a response with a complete explanation of what could be the problem. I am not sure but it is possible that their earlier responses to me found their way to the junk mail folder.Regardless, they did provide a solution to my issue. If your are having problems getting the unit to give you that “jet engine” burn it is most likely due to to much pressure from the propane tank that triggers a safety mechanism on the torch. The solution is to VERY slowly open the valve on the tank. It does not need to be wide open. I barely had the valve open and was able to get the nice clean powerful flame I was looking for. I would encourage the company to include that instruction in their product to provide more clarity on it. I would like to retract my previous rating and give this product 5 stars.Hopefully now I won’t burn down the neighborhood? :-)P.S. I purchased this to start fires in my outdoor fireplace. No kindling needed….

  5. Caesar Nuanez

    Great little torch
    Really like this torch it works well. The only issue I see is technically an issue of the user. I was in a hurry, used it to melt some ice on my walkway and put it in my garage with the propane valve and the torch valve on not thinking. Went back in the garage later and the propane was still leaking out into the garage and could have potentially exploded. Human error can result in serious injuries. I would suggest some type of safety device for this particular senerio.

  6. Vanessa Wells

    It was a gift; my dad loves it.
    My father has more fun with this; his face lights up when he gets to use it. He actually lights his grill with it. It’s adorable.

  7. Dwayne

    Awesome !
    Love ! Easy to use and to control the flame !

  8. Jill Sharp

    thats hot!! HOT
    works like a champ kills weeds in an instance, great for beds in winter, around trees fences awesome torch

  9. PostMo Woods

    Does what you would expect
    This absolutely met my expectations, which is exactly what I wanted and needed. It’s a really great addition to my yard care collection. While I do think a more ergonomic handle is possible, and I’d spend more for that if I did a lot of this sort of work, it’s great for the battle against goatheads that I am waging. What more can you say?

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