BLUEFIRE 32″ Long Propane Weed Torch Burner, Blow Torch,Trigger Start Self Ignition on Handle, Lightweight Portable Weeds Burn Garden Tool Snow Ice Roof Road Charcoal Fire Starter

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Color Grey
Brand BlueFire
Item Weight 1.3 Pounds
Item Dimensions LxWxH 32 x 7 x 2 inches
Material Aluminum
  • 32″ LONG REACH – Designed with the 32″ long arm, you can easily carry out your weeds burning and ice melting works without bending your waist, NEVER WORRY ABOUT A SOURING WAIST AGAIN;
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN – Trigger start self-ignition located on Handle, allowing you to start fire and carry around with just a single hand, completely suit for single hand operation;
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE – Torch main body are made by quality Aluminum, assure the whole torch less than 2 lb even with the gas cylinder, REDUCE THE BURDEN AND MAKE IT EASIER!
  • EASY-GRIP HANDLE – Rubber wrapped handle design, beautiful colored and convenient to grip;
  • COMPLETELY CORD-FREE – Work with any USA standard fuel cylinders with CGA600 connection, completely Cord-Free for easy carrying and work at any places;
  • VERSATILE FUEL OPTIONS – Works great with all popular fuel gas products available on market, such as MAPP, MAP-Pro and standard Propane, bring you more options for fuel choosing;
  • ALL-PURPOSE TOOL – This torch is a all-purpose tool you must have! Great for gardening job to burn weeds and leafs, melting ice and snow in winter, repairing roof and road cracks, start a campfire, searing your steak, and etc.
  • GREEN & ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY – Clean energy and there is no chemicals waste leftover to using this torch, a green and efficient way to do your outdoor works.


Product Description

BLUEFIRE is World Leading Brand and Innovator in the Portable Gas Products for over 30 years.

There has never been a faster, easier, and cord free way to kill weeds and melting ice than with the BLUEFIRE MRAS-8340B 32″ Weeds Torch.

  • This Weeds Torch unique design allows you to quickly trigger start and burn weeds and melt ice from more than 32\” away, never worry about to bend your waist for work.
  • The self ignition makes lighting a breeze and the flame is fully adjustable up to 1121 ℃ (2050 °F ). Trigger start located at the handle, you can start and carry the torch to work with a single hand, completely suit for single hand operation;
  • Torch main body are made by quality Aluminum, assure the whole torch less than 2 lb even with the gas cylinder, REDUCE THE BURDEN AND MAKE IT EASIER!
  • Ergonomically designed with rubber wrapped handle design, beautiful colored and convenient to grip. And completely Cord-Free for easy carrying and work at any places
  • Simply connect this Weed Torch into a US standard CGA600 propane canister and you are ready to go (Propane canister in the picture are not included), also compatible with other popular fuel gases such as MAPP and MAP/PRO.



  • 32″ long arm;
  • Trigger Start Self Ignition;
  • Single-hand operation;
  • Aluminum constructed, lightweight and easy carry;
  • Completely Cord-Free;
  • Rubber-wrap easy-grip handle;
  • Green way to change your life!
  • Compatible with any MAPP, MAP-pro and Propane cylinder, with USA standard CGA600 Connector.

Ideal for:

  • Weeds Burning
  • Melting Ice and Snow
  • Road and Roof Repairing
  • Campfire Starter


  • Torch Size: 32 x 2 x 2 inch
  • Torch Weight: 1.2 lb
  • Flame Temp.: Max 2050°F
  • Consumption Rate: 182 g/hr (2.6 KW)
  • BTU: 9600 BTU/hr

Inside the Package:

  • BLUEFIRE MRAS-8340B Weed Torch (1)
  • Manual
  • Tie Card Packaging
  • No Gas Cylinder included
Dimensions 7 × 2 cm





‎32 x 7 x 2 inches




‎2012 Degrees Fahrenheit




1.3 pounds


‎32 x 7 x 2 inches








‎Weed Torch


‎32" Weed Torch


Gas Powered


‎2.52 KW




‎5 Inches






‎32 weeds torch






‎5 Inches




March 29, 2019



10 reviews for BLUEFIRE 32″ Long Propane Weed Torch Burner, Blow Torch,Trigger Start Self Ignition on Handle, Lightweight Portable Weeds Burn Garden Tool Snow Ice Roof Road Charcoal Fire Starter

  1. Dan

    No more bending over to eliminate weedsThis device is just awesome. All of my friends purchased one as well. We all use it for eliminating weeds. I have a paver driveway and a paver lanai. The weeds come up through the crevices. I turn this on, burn the weeds as I walk around my driveway and BOOM it’s done. No bending, no plucking difficult weeds just gone.

  2. Cindy

    GreatLight Weight and very easy to use a I love it.

  3. Gregory A. Bailey

    OH! The Flames of Hellfire on a stick! I love it! The weeds hate it!!I love this thing! It is a flame thrower and it will scorch those weeds and they die in a day or two. Some weeds are still alive beneath the soil, like Bind Weed or what is called in Colorado, Field Bind Weed, but who cares if it lives beneath the ground so long as you can scorch it and turn it brown in a day?A CAUTION!! There is a drought in many areas of the country of America so be careful! You could set your lawn on fire or destroy your 6′ fence or deck! Always have a water hose handy should you get a little fire going in all the brown material in your yard and gardens.It can stand some engineering as the nozzle seems to be low and the tank high. It flames out several times and you have to fidget and manipulate the control knob to get just the right flames going without it constantly going out. I think the starter will wear out long before this thing ever rusts apart.

  4. Amazon Customer

    A little bit pissed, electrical contact cleaner that helped twice. Bummed…Actually, it’s a little awkward to set down anywhere and not have the tip get dirty or damaged. Although not the case with mine the igniter gets dirty quick.

  5. Shannon Quinn

    Totally changed the way I handle weeds in the drivewayThis might sound dramatic, but this product has kind of change my life. We have a massive horseshoe shaped driveway made of dirt and gravel. I wanted to buy new stone, but there were so many weeds, that I didn’t want to put down stone until they were gone. For months, I was trying to remove weeds by hand. Obviously, that didn’t work.I bought this after seeing someone recommending a blow torch to get rid of weeds on YouTube. Keep in mind that you’re only getting the long metal hose with the trigger. You’ll need to buy the cans of gas from your local Home Depot or Lowes. At my store, it was $16 for 4 cans.Over the course of a week or two, my family and I took turns burning the weeds with this. It was easy, and actually kind of fun. We were also able to use this to burn some grass to make a more perfectly shaped U driveway. At first, I was scared to do this, because I didn’t want all of the gas to catch on fire. But I quickly learned that if the plants are wet, this takes a while of holding the flame to the weed or grass in order for it to actually burn up.Finally, for the first time in like, 30 years, our family now has a beautiful stone driveway that we keep getting compliments on. And it’s all because of this little blow torch. With this torch in combination with the number of times I had to buy new tanks of gas, I probably spent around $100. A smaller driveway would be much less. I think it’s 100% worth the money.Does this get rid of everything permanently the first time? Not exactly. We were weed and grass-free for the first two weeks, but then the seedlings started growing back. But I don’t mind going around and torching the new growth. Using this blow torch has become part of my gardening routine.

  6. chris

    Won’t last.Must be oiled after every use and completely dry. Condensation in cold air also causes oxidation which changes the sliding mechanism in the torch head. The starter button also warps with heat and tends to stop working over time. This unit is cheap and disposal, not meant to last.

  7. Lizard

    Igniter switch went out after first useI was really excited to get this and used it the day came. It saved my back from pulling weeds out of my gardens. The only problem was when I went to use it the second time the ignition switch went out and that was a huge disappointment because I didn’t have a lighter to get it started with. I would think that you would get multiple uses from this but I say other reviews that they had the same problem. I’m too busy to return things and wanted to take a little time to submit this review. Would be nice if the seller could make good on the product and test better before going to market with it.

  8. Amazon Customer

    This product was very straightforward and easy to use.Our large driveway and sidewalk were riddled with small weeds that were impossible to pull out and using weed killer takes so long to do the job. My college-aged grandson was visiting when it came and he did the whole thing. It used more than half a blue tank but the weeds are gone. As an old woman, I wouldn’t hesitate to use it next time. Really happy I chose this item.

  9. Willie J. Griggs

    This item works fineI like everything about the weed torch except the igniter burned out the first time I used it

  10. Brad and Lorrie

    Lighter doesn’t last very longThis works great in general, but the spark lighter doesn’t last very long. Looks like the wire tip that provides the spark was melted off after about 30 minutes of use.I’ll be using a stick lighter to light this from now on.Other than that, the flame size is great for burning up grass and weeds growing in rock, on driveways and in pavers.

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