SUNGOLEO Flame Diffuser 300ml, Continuous 18 Hours Aroma Diffuser Waterless Auto Shutoff Super Quiet Spray Humidifier for Bedroom

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Color Grey+yellow Flame
Material Polypropylene, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Capacity 300 Milliliters
Model Name XHC-A8
  • 【Flame And Light】Diffusers for essential oils large room,unique design, LED lights combined with fog, showing a realistic flame effect, hazy light, in the night to bring you a romantic atmosphere, it is more like a decorative piece, so that you work or leisure time to bring you a different perfect experience, it is also the perfect gift for friends and relatives
  • 【Perfect Combination】SUNGOLEO essential oil diffuser is perfectly combined with Humidifiers, pour a few drops of your favorite aromatherapy when using to improve air quality and keep away from dry skin, unique noise reduction technology can control noise below 25dB, so that people can relax and fall asleep easily
  • 【Safety And Comfort】This oil diffuser is beautifully compact and easy to carry, the water tank can hold 300ml of water and can work continuously for 18 hours. if the water runs out in the middle, the diffuser will stop working automatically, which is safer for us.
  • 【Safety Upgrade】One-piece lid design, effectively prevent water mist from wetting the table, one hand can pick up will not fall, we flame humidifier and LED flame light to do a unique waterproof treatment, you can add water directly will not cause a short circuit, so you use a safer, more secure
  • 【Quality Service】Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we have been committed to providing quality product service to consumers worldwide. if you have any questions about our diffuser, please feel free to contact us. we will try our best to serve you



Product Description

Diffusers for Home

Portable design, easy to move, easy to operate, you can put it anywhere, work to relieve stress and relax the mood.

Flame Humidifier

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, the hazy mist with flame light effect, Just like a fireplace, brings you a romantic atmosphere in the night.

Aromatherapy Diffusers

Improves air quality, reduces dust and provides a healthy and comfortable living environment for you and your family.

Weight 12.8 kg
Dimensions 7.87 × 3.15 × 4.92 cm



Grey+yellow Flame


Polypropylene, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene


300 Milliliters






5 watts






7.87 x 3.15 x 4.92 inches, 7.87"L x 3.15"W x 4.92"H


12.8 ounces








April 27, 2022



8 reviews for SUNGOLEO Flame Diffuser 300ml, Continuous 18 Hours Aroma Diffuser Waterless Auto Shutoff Super Quiet Spray Humidifier for Bedroom

  1. boor2001

    easy to clean and fun to use
    I was looking for a small humidifier to be put on the night stand and finally noticed this one.At first I wanted it because of its competitive price and its good design as it seems very easy to clean. For my previous humidifiers, they all needed to be handled in a very annoying way. But this one, you just open the lid and wipe inside.Then after turning on the flame light, it suddenly turned to be a very cute/interesting decoration! The fake flame changes as the water mist moves. All my kids love it as well. Although it makes you feel a bit warm, as it’s summer now… But in winter, it will be a hit!Recommend!

  2. Kfrye

    Turn it on, it starts up, it flashes over and over, and it shuts off. Junk.

  3. Nona

    Excellent product
    This small humidifier is unique in many ways. It has a beautiful fake fire effect using a combination of water-mist and LED lights. It is beautiful to look at plus you get to smell your essential oils at the same time if you choose to use them.I am very extremely happy with this purchase, the quality of the product, the ambient effects and its overall functionality.

  4. Ester Collazo

    Muy bueni

  5. Rachel

    Great product
    I love this diffuser. Such a pretty touch with the flame accent. Not even filled to max line and it lasted 12 hours with sent the whole time. Definitely a great product. Will buy again in the future

  6. Verónica toro

    It turns off 5 mins later
    The charger gets extremely hot and it shuts off 5 mins later! I bought 3 and all 3 have the same issue! Returning all of them

  7. jenrow

    These are so cute. It looks like fire and perfect for a Halloween project.

  8. JCott

    Changed from 1 star to 4+
    Initial review 1 star: I’m assuming that because the little bubbler part is on one end, the mist leaves from that one end of the slot so the flame only arises from that side. Sad, I thought this was going to be really cool!NEW REVIEW: Since I had already added oils, I figured I’d just let the thing diffuse before I actually returned it. I’m assuming that once the water level dropped to a certain point it was able to function as advertised because suddenly the “flame” was diffusing across the entire slot! It was as cool as if hoped it would be. My kids love it too. I looked very closely inside for a “max fill” line as the very poor excuse for instructions indicate- there is definitely NO mark for how much water to fill to, which is what keeps this from being a 5 star product.

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