MIXIGOO Flame Aromatherapy Diffuser Humidifier, 240ML and 7 Changing Colors

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Brand Mixigoo
Color White
Material Polypropylene
Special Feature 240ML, 7 changing color flame, 2 or 4 hours timer, Waterless auto-off
Power Source Corded Electric
  • 【Multiple Functions】240ML, it can work up to 10 hours of continuous use in weak mist mode with full water, it contains 2 or 4 hours timer, 7 changing colors flame and controlled by a remote. it can be used in tea time, spa time, afternoon coffee time and friends party time etc.
  • 【 Ultrasonic Aromatherapy】it is perfect for ultrasonic aromatherapy, add 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oils to this diffuser, it adopts ultrasonic atomization technology to turn water and essential oils into tiny molecular clusters, which will help to improve air quality, relieve fatigue, moisturize your skin and ensure a pleasing atmosphere for you to relax.
  • 【High Quality Design】With a compact, convenient, portable design, this flame humidifier is made of high-quality PP material, with simple button design and warm ambient light effect, make user more safe and relax.
  • 【Quiet Working & Auto-off】The fire diffuser featuring an ultra-quiet operation mood of peaceful environment to help soothe your mood, relieve stress and improve your sleep quality. and the auto shut off function, help the flame diffuser to stop working once lack of water, making it very safe and reliable when you are in rest time
  • 【A family gift choice】This aroma humidifier not only helping improve the air quality at home, office, fire place, spa room, yoga, indoor gym, but also use as great gifts for friends, family or lovers.

Product Description

2 or 4 Hours Timer

  • It contains 2 timers for 2 or 4 hours.
  • Button control or remote control.
  • Super quiet in working.

Easy to Add Water

  • Top fill design, easy to fill water or clean.
  • Oval shape, portable to move it anywhere.
  • Waterless auto-off, very safe.

Continuous Mist for weak or strong

  • It can work up to 10 hours of continuous use in low mist mode with full water.
  • It also support a strong mist mode for continuous mist.

7 Changing Colors

  • It can work with 7 changing colors, red, green, blue, orange etc.
  • changing color and the mist together, that make it with flame fire effect, looks amazing.
Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 6.69 × 6.69 × 5.1 cm







240ML, 7 changing color flame and 2 or 4 hours timer, Waterless auto-off


Corded Electric


240 Milliliters


Diffuser with remote








6.69 x 6.69 x 5.1 inches, 6.69"L x 6.69"W x 5.1"H


1.5 pounds






diffuser with remote


September 14, 2022



9 reviews for MIXIGOO Flame Aromatherapy Diffuser Humidifier, 240ML and 7 Changing Colors

  1. Justin

    An Awesome Diffuser, But Some Flaws
    So this is a pretty awesome diffuser, but it’s not without its flaws.First, there’s a very narrow channel to place the water into.Second, the remote has a VERY narrow band to control the unit. Look at the picture showing the dark grey bit. The remote has to ‘see’ that part of the unit to control it.But once that’s said and done/resolved, this is a fantastic unit. Just look at the flame effect.

  2. Md. Istiaque Chowdhury

    Artistic humidifier
    It is more than just a humidifier. The flame effect makes it a wonderful piece of art. It’s lightweight and handy too with the remote. Loved it so far.

  3. AmazonGems

    Whisper quiet diffuser
    When setting it up for the first time, my kids were arguing on who would get to have it! I will definitely be ordering another and even a few more as gifts. This diffuser works with tap water and does not require distilled water as some others do. I love the adjustable colors and that it’s whisper quiet. If you misplace the remote, no worries, you can change the settings on the side. I love that it looks like flames when using the darker orange color. I added a few drops of rose oil – wow my living room now smells like a rose garden! I highly recommend this diffuser!

  4. Suzie

    Beautiful essential oil diffuser
    Love the flame effect. It’s easy to use, works like it should, is noiseless, and beautiful. Smells nice with the right amount of essential oils, and lasts a while!

  5. Darkfright

    Fanning The Flame For Sleep Freedom
    It’s been years, years I tell you, since I’ve had a good nights sleep. I’ve tried sleep aids, anti-snore devices, white noise gadgets, and have gone through more pillow changes than I care to admit. one of the issues I have, is getting a sore throat when I sleep. Maybe this is caused from sleeping with my mouth open, or maybe it’s the heater in the cold winter months, but I have been searching for the right gadget to help. Then I find this amazing sleep maker!Upon first inspection of this incredible product, I don’t know what impressed me more, the quality of construction and how robust the unit is, or the fact that it literally looks like dancing colored flames when the diffused water is vaporizing.The unit has an outer shell which comes off, exposing a large reservoir for water. Within this chamber is a lift off lid where you can add drops of your favorite essential oil. For me it’s lavender for times of sleep, as it promotes calmness, or peppermint for times of stress or study.There are several different light modes from color changing to fixed colors, along with the front mounted one touch buttons for lighting and timers. All functions can also be operated through the accompanying remote control, and the lights can be turned off for night operation. The unit itself is powered through a simple wall plug, and operation is virtually undetectable. This unit is very quiet in operation, but packs such an incredible light show and features.Pros: This diffuser humidifier has been such an incredible find. No longer to I wake up with a sore throat, and the ability to diffuse a calming oil through the air as I sleep is such a wonderful tool for a calming and restful sleep.Cons: If I had to pick a negative, it would be the size. It’s a fairly large unit to sit on my nightstand, sort of like a small vertical toaster (I am being a little facetious here). But it’s totally worth it.Final Thoughts: If you’ve stayed with me this far into the review, I have to say again, I love this product, what an amazing find!

  6. KC

    Does Look Like Fire
    This Essential Oil Diffuser Humidifier – MIXIGOO Aromatherapy Diffuser with Flame Fire Effect is a cool water sonic vibration type diffuser, that disperses mist and any essential oils you wish to add. I really like the flame effect, which looks very realistic and cheery at night. There are a few other colors you can toggle through, like yellow, red and green, but I like the flame orange the best. This will turn off by itself in 2 or 4 hours, so I just set and leave it without worrying about it when I goto bed. The water housing lasts a long time, and I’ve not had to refill this yet (it hasn’t run out during my 4 -6 hours of use), but I do change out the water daily anyways to make sure it’s clean. This comes with a small remote control as well, which works fine. There is a small amount of water moving sound, like a tiny fountain, which I actually like.

  7. Pete Nieves

    Very Quiet Relaxing!
    My wife loves this item. She says it is so quiet and relaxing to watch the mist, it helps put her to sleep. I can’t complain, because it is super quiet, and she leaves it on only one color, so it’s not distracting. And the scent of your favorite essential oil makes it very relaxing.

  8. Laurie C.

    Love this with essential oils!
    I am not including a photo and video as there are already several but suffice it to say mine looks just like those which makes me very happy. I love love love mixing lily and gardenia essential oils. I tried those stick diffusers but they didn’t really work very well. So this is great.The directions were detailed and helped as it didn’t seem to be working correctly at first. I found I had added too much water as I looked at the wrong mark. Once I removed some it works like a charm. The colors with the light are really fun, too. The remote works well right near the product. It is nice to have as the buttons on the product are a little hard for me to see.The price is reasonable for what this is. I am someone who loves scents around the house – incense, candles, and scent products but I really love essential oils. This would be a nice gift and include an essential oil assortment for someone who likes scents.

  9. SarahT

    Love it!
    Works wonderfully – I love it. I have been using around 8 drops of oil per fill, and this is filling the room with the perfect amount of aroma. A tank lasts quite a long time, and you can set it on a timer to automatically turn off.The flame effect is unique and very pretty. You can set it to one color or have it cycle through the colors. I only wish it had blue as a color option. Especially because the light shines brightly, and I think it would be great to use color therapy along with the essential oil, and blue is an important color for me. But it’s not that big of a deal.I find it easy to fill and use, either with or without the remote. I do not notice a difference between the “big” and the “small” setting. That is supposed to be how much it puts out, but I do not see any noticeable difference between the two settings.Overall, this is a great diffuser. It works well, and the flame effect is unique and pretty cool.

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