DEPOZA Flame Diffuser for Essential Oils, 240ML Volcano Humidifier for Home, Room, Yoga or Gym Aroma Diffusers with Fire

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Color Blackish Green
Material Plastic
Power Source Corded Electric
Capacity 240 Milliliters
  • Cool 7 Colored Changing Diffuser: Our Flame oil diffuser has unique 7-color changing LED modes. The combination of led color light and fog produces a touchable flame effect, it adds a lot of romantic and dramatic atmosphere to your room. You can use the diffuser as a night light and set the timer to turn it off after an hour or more.
  • Suite for Various Scene: Depoza small diffuser humidifier works great at filling the room with your favorite essential oils. The lights and “flame” effect are fun, it’s quiet and easy to use. It is very suitable for home, children room office, yoga, gym, and also a beautiful gift for friends, family or loved ones.
  • Noiseless & Automatic Power-off Protection: Please do not exceed the max Water Line of 240ml, can keep working 6 more hours, when you sleep or go out set it to auto turn off after 2-6 hours automatic. Power-off when water is short, which is very safe and reliable. 20dB ultra-quiet work, aromatherapy diffuser spray scent fragrance helps to calm and soothe the mood, relieve stress, and improve sleep quality.
  • Volcano Vaporizer, Room Decor and Air Fresheners: colorful and modern lights add a lot of fun to the room. The set diffusion speed is full of room fragrance, allowing us to relax and concentrate. Note that it cannot be used as a humidifier completely, but it also has a certain humidification effect. Put it on the bedside at night with specific essential oil to relieve respiratory symptoms to a certain extent.
  • How to Timer Setting: All-in-one button is containing both switches and timing functions. Press twice to time 1 hour, press three times to time 3 hours, press four times to time 6 hours, long press 1.5 seconds or press five times to turn-off the machine. It is also no need to worry about the safety, our fire diffuser will automatically stop work in case of water shortage.



Product Description

Ideal Sleeping Partner

intelligent LED lights combined with humidifier atomization to create a realistic flame effect; four modes of flame light brightness can be adjusted. Add some company to the quiet night!

Relax Work

The monotonous office desk needs a more personalized and space free decoration to enhance your enthusiasm for work! Choose our flame aromatherapy machine!

Enjoyable Yoga

The unique fragrance diffuses and increases the air humidity, so as to better enter the meditation and relax the muscles.

Better Sleep

The flame aroma diffuser is super silent and has automatic shutdown without water, which is more intimate to accompany you and improve your sleep.

Happinese Family&Festival

Is there a colorful flame on the weekend night or Halloween Christmas Eve to increase the atmosphere of your family communication! Or use it to dress up for a different party!

For Gifts

High quality PP material, does not contain any harmful substances, use more assured, more at ease. Best gift for your lover, family, friends.

Easy Use&Clean

It is a very easy product just don’t open the diffuser cover while you are using the flame diffuser. and do not turn on electricity when there is no water. Generally, it is not necessary to be particularly clear. If necessary, use a cotton cloth to wipe the scale on the air outlet and wall.

Something need Notice

Please add water below the maximum water level, When the water gets too high, the mist will diminish or not good work. In order to prolong the service life and better flame effect, please add purified water!

Package includes

Aroma Diffuser *1, Type c power cord *1, English manual *1, Rated input: DC5.0V/2.0A;

Important! just 2A adapter can use! If it does not work after plugging in, please replace the charger or USB and then try again.

Weight 13.9 kg
Dimensions 7 × 2 × 3 cm



Blackish Green




Corded Electric


240 Milliliters


Aromatherapy Diffuser 01








7 x 2 x 3 inches, 7"L x 2"W x 3"H


13.9 ounces








August 17, 2022



10 reviews for DEPOZA Flame Diffuser for Essential Oils, 240ML Volcano Humidifier for Home, Room, Yoga or Gym Aroma Diffusers with Fire

  1. Prince of Peas

    Really does look like flames
    I was very surprised; when used in a dim room with the orange/yellow light, it really does look like a flame is emanating from the diffuser. It won’t look quite as “flame-y” as in the picture with multiple colors, but it will have orange-yellow and variations of light/dark spots that’ll look like real flames. The other colors also look good, but nobody expects purple or green flames, do they?The fragrance comes out at one speed only, which is not a big deal because I think the flame would not look as good if it were moving faster or slower. The point is that it disperses very well at the set speed. I accidentally put in too many drops of the oil, and within 2 minutes, the entire room was filled with fragrance.The directions are simple, and there’s a label stuck on the container showing you which way to empty the water so that you don’t wet the fan.I wish it were a little more decorative than just white plastic, but then again, most of the more decorative pieces I’ve seen look like plastic with decorative printing; they do not look, in real life, like wood or anything else.Review of: Depoza Flame Diffuser Aromatherapy Air Diffuser

  2. Scherrie Arrington

    Smaller than I thought
    Used right when I got the delivery and that diffuser is smaller than I expected. It great for any size room and work the aroma therapy oils well. Just wish it was a little bigger.

  3. Dale B.

    Evolution of the diffuser
    This is my first aromatherapy diffuser with simulated flame lights. It doesn’t look very much like a real flame. Instead, it’s more like the colored smoke from a genie bottle or a fog machine, which is actually pretty cool.The color choices are: orange, blue, purple and color changing mode.You can use the diffuser as a night light and set the timer to turn it off after an hour or more.The package includes a shortish USB-C power cable but no wall plug. According to the instructions you need a 5V 2 Amp plug for the diffuser to work right.edit: When I tried using a longer power cable with the diffuser, the color-change mode would not work.Going back to the included cable and using the right wall plug fixed it.

  4. Kylie

    Great diffuser not humidifier
    This little diffuser works great at filling the room with your favorite essential oils. I only gave it 4 stars as it is advertised as a humidifier. I was hoping to use it for that purpose and was a little disappointed to find that I don’t think it puts out enough vapor to actually add much moisture to the air. That being said, everything else about it is great. The lights and “flame” effect are fun, it’s quiet and easy to use. You aren’t able to see the vapor during the day so the lights are best for night time. I will be using this to diffuse oils often.

  5. Johnathan

    Depoza Flame Diffuser – Attention Grabbing & Easy to Use
    This thing is pretty mesmerizing. I could just sit and go full ADD on it for a while. The colors are bright and it connects to the mist coming out of the top simulating moving flames. It is simple to use and can rotate between a few colors plus a mode that cycles through all the colors continuously.The quality of the item is excellent. You can tell just by handling it out of the box it isn’t cheaply made. The plastic is sturdy and seems like it will last a long time. It also has a timer which is a nice bonus, you can set it to auto turn off after so many hours. The timer is useful for times you want to leave it on when you leave the house or set it before bed.The only con I would say is it has a charge cable but not a charge brick. I have a million bricks from other things laying around at this point and it can connect to a computer or a surge protector or anything with a USB port really. So not having a brick isn’t really an issue for me, but it may be for some so I figured I would include that info in my review.

  6. charjae

    Effective and stylish
    It’s very simple to assemble! Instructions are very clean to follow. It doesn’t hold a lot of water but the max run time is 6 hours which is nice. I absolutely love the colored LEDs which can strobe to different colors or just stay whichever color you choose. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is the cord is shorter than I would like. It will either need an extension cord or have to sit right near an outlet. Overall satisfied and I would recommend it!

  7. Sanya1485

    It’s very beautiful! I got it in hopes to help my kids with night coughs with specific oil blends while they’re still getting over their colds. It’s disappointing that it doesn’t come with any for a trial run so I had to get some separately.Visually it is elegant and beautiful with modern lines. It does a nice job with diffusing but I wouldn’t call it a humidifier. After several hours of it running my table around it was noticeably wet. The aroma is definitely there though so I don’t mind it too much.Overall I’m happy with this diffuser.

  8. Shoana

    Didn’t even last not even a month for my son it break

  9. Tim T.

    Awesome diffuser that does magic.
    I saw review photos of this diffuser and I couldn’t imagine the water vapor would look like that in person.It does.Before the magic part, the technical and appearance side.I’s about 8 inches long with a low profile, clean, white and modern. When it’s off it’s unassuming and could be a space toaster from the future as far as anyone could tell. It’s light weight but doesn’t look or feel inexpensive. It has a proud place on my desk front and center. When I first took the lid off I almost dropped the whole thing. No warning but it pulls apart in two in order to access where you put the water, so tip – open it ON a surface and not standing. Inside there are some clear sealed electronics. Worried a little bit about putting water in there with it plugged in. But it’s fine and this isn’t Final Destination. The water line is low, don’t overfill and be mindful of the open area tube where no water should go. They supply some kind of tool to help you pour, or pour out, you don’t need that, just be careful. I added a few drops of essiensial oils and give it a while.Magic, just wow.It’s quiet, except when it’s telling you its done with the water then lets out a high pitch beep and turn itself off. You can select a few different (all very pretty) colors or have it breathe slowly between the spectrum. The WATER vapor looks like tiny fog machine at a concert. The narrow passage and condensed lighting turn the output into a color feast for the eyes. It dissipates quickly so it’s not billowing but a more noticeable than any color diffuser I’ve ever seen. Take about 3-4 hours before a new refill. No idea how it keeps going that long but happy it does. If you want a diffuser that’s bordering on a piece of art and get the ‘whoa, what is that? question, this is a score. Very happy with it and use it every day.

  10. Beeyonslay

    Bought for a gift, kept for myself
    I originally purchased this for my mom, but when I went to her house, I realize that she already had something similar so I kept this for me. I finally got a chance to open it and put some essential oils in and I absolutely love this oil diffuser. When you first take it out of the box and start it it does take about an hour to really get going to where it looks similar to flames so don’t think that it’s broken like me because I seriously thought that it was broken because it wasn’t coming out real fast. It takes a minute to get going. Another thing I love about this diffuser is that a little bit of water last for hours and hours I mean it ran from probably about 8 o’clock at night until eight in the morning and it’s still halfway full.

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