Himalayan Pink Salt Diffuser & 10 Essential Oils, 2-in-1 Therapeutic Device – Aromatherapy & Ionic Himalayan Salt Therapy

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Brand Pure Daily Care
Color Light
Capacity 400 Milliliters, 300 Milliliters
Product Dimensions 5\”L x 5\”W x 5\”H
Light Source Type Halogen
  • Aromatherapy + Salt Therapy – Our 2-in-1 wellness device delivers two natural healing therapies in one simple device. Firstly, a heat-less ultrasonic diffuser atomizes essential oils delivering powerful therapeutic effects. Secondly, a separate chamber includes raw Himalayan salt crystals mined from the mountains of Pakistan to provide natural air ionization and purification making it easier and healthier to breathe. This neat, compact device adds a sense of peaceful ambience to any space.
  • 100% Real Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals – Over 2 pounds of raw, unrefined, unprocessed and hand carved Himalayan pink salt crystals containing over 70+ trace minerals. A natural source of air purification and ionization that provides for easier and healthier breathing.
  • 10 Essential Plant Oils Included – Our Top 10 essential oils include lavender, eucalyptus, tea tree, orange, peppermint, lemongrass, jasmine, nutmeg, clove, and spearmint oils. We don’t use any additives or cheap filler oils and use a variety of extraction processes including steam distillation and cold press. All oils are therapeutic grade come in amber 10ml jars to protect from sun degradation.
  • Modern & Convenient Features – This ultrasonic diffuser does not use heat. Instead it atomizes water and oils through ultrasonic vibrations – this preserves the integrity and original therapeutic properties of the oils. Convenient features like various soft glow ambient lighting settings and an auto-shutoff sensor are also built in.





Product Description


Ambient Lighting

Smooth color shifting ambient lighting can optionally be turned on to add instant mood lighting to any space.

No Additives & No Fillers

Our oils do not include any cheap additives or filler oils – just what it reads on the front of the bottle.

Salt Therapy Chamber

The pink Himalayan crystals are stored in a dedicated chamber. When the diffuser is switched on the light provides a gentle warmth and mesmerizing glow as they ionize the surrounding air.

Modern Ultrasonic Diffusion

Our heat-less diffuser works by atomizing water and oils through silent ultrasonic vibrations. This means the oils therapeutic properties are completely preserved since they are not heated and burned.

10 Plant Oils Included

Our fan favorite top 10 oils include various single note plant oils preserved in amber glass bottles. Use them individually or mix and match for powerful effects on mind, body and spirit.

Hand Carved Pink Himalayan Salt Crystals

Over 2 pounds of genuine food-grade Himalayan pink salt crystals are included. Himalayan pink salt is world renowned for its natural healing properties through its over 70+ trace minerals and natural air purification and ionization effects.

Weight 4.73 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm

Pure Daily Care




400 Milliliters, 300 Milliliters




10 watts




5 x 5 x 5 inches, 5"L x 5"W x 5"H


4.73 pounds




‎ January 13, 2021


Pure Daily Care

10 reviews for Himalayan Pink Salt Diffuser & 10 Essential Oils, 2-in-1 Therapeutic Device – Aromatherapy & Ionic Himalayan Salt Therapy

  1. Queen Rebellocs

    Children Allergies Clearing Up
    Absolutely love this product I have been researching this product for over 6mths since last year and it was on sale with same day shipping. Besides that my empress she has allergies and snotty nose. This is super easy I just lift up the lid and fill the water in between min and maximum line at least 10drops (5 eucalyptus & 5lavender) it instantly set the place in a peaceful mode and the scent is strong but soft. I smell the 2 aromatherapy oil blends but it’s not burning my nose nor teary eyes. I’m unsure what everyone else speaks about but I’m tempted to buy one for my room and my children absolutely loves it hence I turn it off they turn it back on. Thank goodness the diffuser automatically turns off when no water is in there. There is no leaks but if you bump into it and pass the water line yes I call that “overfill” and “spills” I doubt there is spill proof diffuser but if you are not careful and you knock it over it will spill including the rocks.I have no cons. I don’t go out seeking for cons. Himalayan salt diffuser does it’s job and I never got a defect thank goodness. My empress is so in love she turns on before she naps/sleeps she is 7 but have clear understanding that this helps her to breathe at night. Plus this diffuser helps my emperor 3 yrs old with his fear of the dark (this is our 5th night light for him and hopefully our last) so it’s a win win for me but now I want one like right now in my room. Lol 2 paychecks from now I will get it on regular price. But sale or regular it’s worth it.No there is no leaksNo it’s not loud I don’t hear a thing only first 1min when I turn on that is moreso a whisperNo it’s not too small or too bigNo it’s not defective nor cheaply madeYes it’s real Himalayan saltYes it’s real essential oilsYes it helps to breathe and clear the air. That’s the help of the Himalayan salt stone it’s a natural earthy purifier with assistance of aromatherapy blends from the oils (yes I’m a naturalista and aromatherapist)Yes it’s quietYes it is children and adult friendly and environment friendlyYes it’s portable as long as you have an outletYes it’s your peace of mind that you unlocked or never knew existedJust spend your money on it sooo worth it. It’s my first diffuser after having an old school humidifier from the 80s that sound like it’s running a marathon against a hellcat and the eucalyptus burns your eyes but you can breathe again. So this diffuser is serenity from what I came from.Family of 3 overall SATISFIED I’m not a sponsor but I’m YouTube vlogger and critic is all I know how to do while balling on a budgetHope that helps

  2. Reva Hudson

    This shipped and arrived quickly as expected and does what it’s suppose to, but there are a few features I would improve on. My biggest complaint is it shuts off -light and all -after the time and it’s hard to tell what time your on. I bought this in the hopes it would help soothe my son to sleep, which didn’t really work but I do enjoy the smells and the ambient light, especially for a night light when lying him to bed in the middle of the night. It’s bright enough to be able to see but dull and soothing enough to not wake him and I love the Himalayan rocks. Problem is I didn’t know that the timer doesn’t just shut off the diffuser but also the light so a few times I’ve come back into a dark room after getting him fed, changed, settled etc… or woken up to it off which is not ideal when both your hands are full with a sleeping baby. Also the timer function kind of sucks all around, why would I only want it to diffuse for a set amount of time? I originally thought that the timer meant it would diffuse every hour, 2hrs and so on depending on the interval you choose but that doesn’t seem so. If I put it on an hour diffuse the whole thing shuts off after an hour of diffusing (light and all) and doesn’t come back on. So I’ve been using it on always on mode so it makes it through the whole night, which is ok and solves the light out issue but then I have to refill it at least daily. The function itself is easy to use but you have to be mindful of how many times you tap the button as there’s no indicator on which level you’ve chosen. Lastly, and least importantly to me, the provided scents are fairly basic and not very strong. It’s nice to have some starter scents especially if you haven’t used essential oils much, but these are just that. Wasn’t a big deal because I had a different oil to use in it already anyway, but it is something to keep in mind for anyone trying out essential oils.EDIT: after using this for a couple weeks mostly all day long there a few other things worth mentioning…I have to top off the water approximately twice a day AND there is a little hole/filter that sometimes gets clogged somehow and it will stop defusing unless you wipe this out. Not sure if the type of essential oil or If you use use distilled water will make a difference on clogging rates

  3. Toni

    Beautiful lamp
    I absolutely love the lamp combo with the salt. But the oil is not very good. I put in drops in at nite ran for 1 hr and then I turned it on right away in the morning and there was no smell at all. I was very disappointed. I’ve used other oils and never had this issue. I know now to just stick to the oils I use.

  4. SD_AT_Amazon

    Best investment for clean air
    In love with this product! It’s easy to set up. The clean facade fits nicely anywhere — so a great addition to bring a warm, spa-like ambiance to a room. I appreciate the easy removal top to fill the water canister. Some units are cumbersome causing spill. This unit has clear min and max lines that anyone can understand. The lighting options are nice. I like that you can run it without the light, just the Himalayan salt light, or both the Himalayan salt light and the alternating color light to the full unit. The tray for the Himalayan sea salt chunks is well thought out — it will be easy to remove when empty to replenish. In addition to the soft lighting and wonderful essential oils smell with the deodorized air, I enjoy the trickling sound it produces. I would highly recommend this product to anyone.

  5. Shawn K. Hall

    Excellent & sturdy
    We’ve bought dozens of diffusers. I honestly wish that was exaggeration. This one is fantastic.My only complaint is that the reservoir has a couple lip edges inside which make cleaning it a nuisance. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not hard to clean, just a little frustrating. Easily one of the best I’ve ever had to clean – but the little lips in the reservoir serve no purpose and complicate it unnecessarily. The diffuser stalk could also be moved into the wall instead of a quarter inch from the wall and that would make things a little easier. Maybe in their next version? 🙂

  6. EAJ

    Pretty cool
    It’s a nice aromatherapy diffuser if you’re not like a pro. Scents are nice the salt lamp is soothing. I do wish these were indicator buttons (you can’t tell the time duration you’ve set unless you count and assume the first beep is 1 hr) and it could use a couple of basic dimmer settings (although you can just have the salt and not the LED.)

  7. Karen

    my favorite diffuser now.
    I have several diffusers but I really like the added Himalayan pink salts that glow as this diffuser emits a scent of choice. I used the peppermint EO as we decorated the house for Christmas! The scent is strong enough to fill the room but not overpowering! Love this diffuser!!

  8. Marcela Cabral

    Beautiful diffuser
    I loved this diffuser. It’s easy to use. Great for aromatherapy. The scent spreads really well through the room. And the Himalayan pink salt adds a charm to it.

  9. Taz

    Attractive design
    The salt rocks are large as pictured. It has a large water reservoir. A good buy.

  10. SeanJames

    She liked it!

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