Joylifetech Flame humidifier, 180mL Essential Oil Diffuser with Flame Light

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Brand Joylifetech
Color Green
Material Plastic
Capacity 180 Milliliters
Model Name HZ005
  • 【Realistic Fire Effect】The flame diffuser can create a realistic flame effect through lighting and fog, it will bring an atmosphere of romantic and healing at night.
  • 【2-in-1 Humidifier and Diffuser】Fill your room with your favorite essential oils while enjoying the humidifier’s cool mist, improve the air quality and relax. The flame diffuser is perfect for the home office, yoga, and gym, and it also is a wonderful gift for friends and family.
  • 【Safety of use】Aromatherapy diffuser has a built-in water level sensor, when the water level is lower than the safe water level, it will automatically turn off the power. There are no potential safety risks for you. Whisper-quiet operation(≤30dB), Soothing your mood, Relieving stress, and Promote Sleep, The essential oil diffuser operates extremely quietly.
  • 【Work Modes】The flame humidifier has two light brightnesses, and can also choose to turn off the lights when you don\’t need them and just enjoy the humidification and diffuser functions. The diffuser has been set to automatically shut off for 3 hours, to avoid excessive humidity throughout the night use.
  • 【After-Sale Service】Customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities, if you have any questions about these diffuser humidifiers, please feel free to contact us.

Product Description

Joylifetech flame humidifiers can improve your quality of life and make every day better.


  • Capacity: 180mL
  • Amount of atomization: 25-35ML/hr
  • Light brightness: 2 modes
  • Rated power:DC5.0V/2A
  • Charging interface:Type-c
  • Occasion: home, office, bedroom, bathroom,Yoga, Meditation
Left Button

The left button of the diffuser controls the humidification function, short press to turn on, and short press again to turn off. (The flame effect will stabilize after 5 seconds)

Right Button

The right button controls the light function, short press to turn on, short press again to increase the brightness of the light by 30%, and short press to turn off.


1. Add water please do not exceed the maximum water level line tips, otherwise, the flame effect will not be shown.

2. Pour water please operate by the designated position, to avoid damage to the body caused by water in the machine.

3. Current power please do not exceed 5V, please do not use the fast charging head, otherwise, the machine will be damaged.

4. Do not open the diffuser cover when used.

5. Please use pure or distilled water. Clean the diffuser at least once a week and do not leave water or essential oils in the appliance for long periods of time.

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 7.24 × 2.99 × 4.66 cm







180 Milliliters








7.24 x 2.99 x 4.66 inches, 7.24"L x 2.99"W x 4.66"H


14 ounces












Aromatherapy Diffuser



10 reviews for Joylifetech Flame humidifier, 180mL Essential Oil Diffuser with Flame Light

  1. Chris Vander Leest

    I love it!
    This is better than I expected honestly. The packaging was nice and I was pleased that it came with a usb cable and power adapter. They could have cheaped out like some cell phones these days.The humidifier is easy to use, easy to set up, etc. And I was actually very impressed with the visual effect. It is very relaxing to look at, which was the primary reason I bought it. I can’t speak to the oil diffusion as I don’t have any plans to use this, I’m not a fan of scent therapy. However, if there is any significant airflow in the room (a ceiling fan, etc) the mist will be dispersed quickly and you lose the ‘fire’ effect.The only real downsides currently are that it doesn’t hold alot of water. I don’t expect this to be able to run all night without running out of water.The other tiny issue is that the remote doesn’t have very good range. I need to be quite close and pointing it directly at the humidifier for it to work.Last, is that the cable it came with is fairly short, but cables are pretty cheap and it wouldn’t be hard to get a longer one.All in all, I really like this. Its size is perfect for a desk or side table. The visual effect is lovely and calming.Seems to be good quality. I am super happy with this so far.

  2. Celine

    Wonderful way to help relax
    This is my first diffuser & I am very glad I bought it. My husband asks me to turn it on when he wants to go to sleep. I add several drops of Lavender essential oil with the water & he falls asleep in just a few minutes after smelling this. I also try Lemon Grass essential oil with it because it just smells wonderful.The only issue I found with this product is, removing the outside shell is not easy. It’s suppose to just slip off, but it fits so snug that it takes a lot of tugging & pulling just to get it open to add more water. I use it a lot, so I run into that problem ever few days. Other than that, it’s very nice.

  3. Tina Pelletier

    Cute and festive
    I received the white Christmas diffuser when I thought the red had been ordered. It’s a little disappointing but Ive already set it up and LOVE the flame effect. The design is cute enough that I’d rather keep it and enjoy it than exchange the color. All in all I am pleased.

  4. Michael

    Smaller than picture but otherwise a nice diffuser
    We got our first “flame” diffuser not long ago and loved the relaxing flame effect. I wanted to add a few more for ambience in different rooms. I selected this one to place in the bathroom as I liked the slate gray color and the leather tab on the side. The first thing I noticed when I removed it from the box is that this diffuser is tiny. It is significantly smaller than the other flame diffusers I’ve tried and definitely smaller than the photoshopped images in the product information suggest. I think it will actually work well for the room I’m putting it but definitely check the size. Other similar diffusers have come with a microfiber pad to place them to avoid damaging furniture with moisture, this one is barebones. Just the diffuser and a power cable. Unfortunately you’ll have to find your own usb adapter. The device works well enough but only has a single fan setting and two light settings.

  5. TLau

    Doesn’t look like flames, but still looks amazing
    This diffuser has a wide slot for water vapor exhaust instead of the usual pinpoint of steam in most diffusers. Because of this, it seems to have more output and is suitable for larger rooms. The cover comes off easily, but I noticed that if I have run the diffuser for awhile, there is some accumulation of water that will spill out when the cover is lifted. I won’t run this on a wood surface or anything that might be susceptible to water damage due to the increased water vapor output and spillage when the cover is removed. There are 2 buttons, an on/off toggle for the diffuser, and another to turn the lighting effects to off/medium/high. There is an array of yellow LEDs that when the diffuser is running, it’s supposed to mimic a flame. Does it look like a flame? Not really, but the effect does look nice, and when combined with aromatics is very relaxing. There are 2 tiny fans that are completely silent, and I can have it on my nightstand and not hear it running when I am sleeping.I do have a couple of issues with this unit. The first is the manufacturer specifies a 2A transformer to be used with this unit, and says the vapor output may be compromised if the amperage is not high enough. For the price of this diffuser, it should absolutely come with a transformer. Most people will not have an extra 2A charging block lying around.My second issue is the built-in 3 hour timer. It automatically shuts itself off after 3 hours, and there is no way to change this. The unit will shut itself off when the water runs out, so the timer is not necessary. Sometimes, I want it to run all night without it shutting off.Neither of these issues have impacted my enjoyment of the unit, it functions very well, and aesthetically, it looks fabulous.

  6. Turil Cronburg

    Needlessly non-vegan. Actual random/useless piece of leather on the side.
    Other than the inexplicable piece of animal skin on it (which I cut off immediately) it was a little confusing to turn on. I could get the light to come on, and the fan seemed to turn on (I could hear a hum), but no fog was coming out at all. The troubleshooting chart suggested everything but the actual problem, from what I can tell, which was that somehow it didn’t like being plugged into my USB hub for my computer. Once I plugged it in directly, without the hub, it worked fine. I’ll have to get a power strip with USB outlets in it, I guess, since I need the other things plugged into my computer. The instructions do mention something about wattage for plugs, but I have no idea what my hub is. It’s always powered everything else I’ve ever plugged into it.It’s pretty darned bright, which is great. In the photo you can see the brightness next to a normal candle, for comparison. It’s quite similar. I imagine it won’t be very visible in strong bright lit rooms, but otherwise it seems fine.It’s a tiny bit noisy, but not terrible. Just a bit of a hum for the fan. (And very quiet water bubbling, which is nice.)There were no directions for when or how much essential oil to put in. I used about 6 drops and just put it in on top of the water. This seems like more than enough. I’ll start out with maybe 2 drops next time. I can always add more.You probably do want to use non-tap water to keep it clean. I used filtered water, so I hope that’s good enough.Hopefully, when they make more of these, they will simply not put the leather on. They will save money, and skin. Literally. And be vegan, like anyone would expect of a product like this. And look better. If the leather wasn’t on this, I’d give it 4 stars.

  7. Donna

    Good little diffuser
    This is an effective little diffuser that is very easy to use. I plugged it in to a portable charger so that I could easily move it to different rooms. It ran for4 and a half hours before shutting off. I thought it was because it ran out of water, but as you can see from the photos, it used barely any water (I added food coloring to see the water better). Not sure why it shut off.The cover is easily removed (as shown in the video). In fact, it does not lock in place, so lift the unit from the bottom.The buttons are quite small, but easy to use. I like that it has 2 brightness levels, and that you can use it without any light.I did add a few drops of Lavender oil to the water. The sent was released beautifully ~ filled my room.The only thing I do not understand is why there is a piece of leather attached to the side. It has no use.I would give it a fifth star if it stayed on longer and of the buttons were larger.

  8. Erica M. Levesque

    Nice Diffuser- Does Not Look Like Flames But the Light is Nice
    I like this diffuser- it lasts for a long time and the water lasts way longer than I would have thought. Adding essential oils creates a nice scent that was nice to have on my desk while working. I can understand the idea of this being like a flame, I guess, because the light implies a flame color and the mist coming out is supposed to make it seem like that- but let’s be real- it looks nothing like an actual flame, and the pictures here on Amazon are very misleading in that regard.I would have purchased this anyway, now that I know what a nice diffuser it is. I like that it has a USB plug as you could plug it in to a laptop or USB brick, giving you some options on where to put it. It does have an auto-shutoff, which is nice, but I feel like I just need to keep turning it back on throughout my work day as I’m using it all day. The lighting has two settings so you could choose to have it lighter or a darker flame color.I did find that it took a little bit for the mist to really start coming out of the diffuser- unsure if that’s “normal” or not. It’s classy-looking and makes a nice addition to my home office. I’m happy with it.

  9. Rachael

    Beautiful Light
    The light on this diffuser is really bright and beautiful! It does it’s job as described, my only issue is that it sometimes just randomly turns itself off.

  10. Tomboy at heart

    Quality item
    This ad photo was misleading by exaggerating the flames shooting up, the appearance don’t quite meet that photo once you are using it, however it does get a glow that is similar so no biggie there. You have to remove panels which is somewhat difficult at times. Overall this works and helps to put you into a relaxed feeling.

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