Vintage Lantern LED Outdoor Hanging Lantern Camping Decor Lamp Flickering Flame Rechargeable Retro Lanterns Garden Decorations

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Brand Marlrin
Color Bronze
Material Plastic
Switch Installation Type Tabletop Mount
  • 🎃【4 Modes Camping Lanterns】- This Retro lantern with one flame mode and three normal lighting mode, normal lighting mode has three color temperatures: cold white (2700k), warm white (2700-6500k) and warm color (6500k). It make this lantern both practical and decorative. We can switch the mode through the remote control and lamp button. Remote can control all lanterns at 30 feet distance max. It\’s easy to operated the light even in hardly reached places.
  • 🔥【Vivid Flickering Flames 】- This antique vintage lanterns was designed according to the real “flames” – the light is made of premium LEDs, will cast a safe, soft, mood-enhancing glow. The realistic warm yellow flame will create a welcoming ambience.
  • 🎅【Fast Charging & Long Working Time】- With High-capacity 1200mAh built-in rechargeable battery. Electric power vintage lantern lights up to 10 hours after fully charged. And the charging time only need 2.5 hours! Our Lantern can also use the remote controller to set the timer function for the lamps. Therefore, it can also be used as a bedside lamp.The lamp button can adjust the brightness you want.
  • 🌟【Vintage Design】- The old retro style makes it more unique with aesthetic sense. Lighting soft notot irritating to eyes and fills the area with quiet elegant warm ambiance at night. IP44 waterproof perfect for outdoor events like Camping, Picnic, Wedding, Halloween, Christmas, and indoor events like Party, Dinner at home. It can even be used as a retro decoration, even if the lights are not turned on. It is an wonderful prop lamp for vlog and photos.
  • 🎁【Weather Resistance & Widely Used】- Led vintage lantern is made of high quality ABS plastic material, never get rusty ever when rainy or snowy. Equipped with a durable handle, the lantern can be easily hung on walls or in the trees and also can be placed on the flat surfaces, such as shelves, table, porch, patio, garden floor pool, etc.

Product Features

Two Installation Ways

Thanks to the handle, you can either hang the lantern or place it anywhere you like to build a romantic atmosphere, festive ambience and so much more!

Vintage Design

Popular vintage look brings you unique sense of beauty. Frosted glass lampshade makes the flickering flames effect more beautiful.

IP44 Waterproof

Extreme IP44 waterproof capability, resists high temperatures, rain and snow, and prepares for whatever weather comes their way, perfect for outdoor use.

Dimensions 9.09 × 4.61 cm





‎1.9 pounds


‎9.88 x 9.09 x 4.61 inches








‎Four-Modes Flame






‎Light kit inlcuded, Bulb included


‎Tabletop Mount




‎ July 5, 2022



10 reviews for Vintage Lantern LED Outdoor Hanging Lantern Camping Decor Lamp Flickering Flame Rechargeable Retro Lanterns Garden Decorations

  1. Mac

    I am super impressed with these lanterns. They have four lighting settings, are USB rechargeable, and have a remote.I’ve seen some reviews talk about them being solar, these aren’t. Whatever model of lantern has solar built in, these aren’t it. If I had to guess, the solar options are an older version of this product, and they just continued to use the same sales page.The remote allows you to change between the different light settings, one of which is “flame”. The flame isn’t very bright, but this setting will still be great for Halloween, which is what I got them for. The remote also has four timer settings (1/3/6/8 hours). You have to manually turn the lanterns on with a knob on the front, but once you do, you can power them off and on with the remote.I was also pleased to discover that you can cycle between the different light modes by switching the knob on and off. Each iteration turns on the next light setting. So, if you lose the remote, you can still cycle through to the setting you want.The video the seller uses to show the product demonstrates all its capabilities, but also shows a feature I didn’t receive, which is a weather proof cover for the USB ports. It’s also not show in any of the pictures. I live in a desert, so I’m not super worried about it. But if you’re expecting to depend on that feature, you might be disappointed.

  2. Dean D

    Perfect for power outage.
    Even though the description says these can be used as Halloween decorations, the reason I got these is because if the power goes out and also we go camping quite frequently.The same day that we receive them in the mail I charge them up fully and thankfully I did because very late that night we had a monsoon storm that knocked out our power for a few hours.These are very lightweight and super durable, they charged very quickly and most of all they lasted for a long time. Our power was out for a few hours and these lasted the entire time and didn’t diminishing the brightness at all. It’s very nice that they come with their own charging cable and that they are durable, so that we can use these in any application especially camping. And possibly even for Halloween coming up soon.Overall these are a great addition for any Halloween decoration, or especially for any house just in case power outages happen. I highly recommend these to anybody, they are a great value for money.

  3. Shuhada

    Very Impressive Lighting Options
    I like the fact that this has three lighting modes with the most important one being a variable flicker to make it look like an authentic flame lantern. It has a rechargeable battery internally as there is no way to take it apart. I think it is designed to use and throw once the battery stops recharging properly. It looks really authentic, but is is very light and the carrying wire is rather thin so I got the impression that it would not do well if I dropped it as it is all plastic. I used it a halloween maze tonight and it help up the full 8 hour shift and people were impressed with it’s appearance and wanted to take selfies with me and the lamp. A good value. I can only assume it is water resistant but not waterproof.

  4. Travis Robinson

    Functional and decorative
    These lanterns are lightweight but yet durable and sturdy. The lights are extremely bright and useful. I personally am not keeping mine outside, but I feel that they would be fine under a covered porch or patio. I love that there are different light settings, a remote and a timer. Some of the buttons on my remote do not work, such as the flame button. Also, the three buttons to change the type of light do the same thing as the “volume” or intensity button so I feel like that is a bit repetitive and deceptive as far as the remote’s function. There weren’t really any instructions included as far as remote operation or explanation as to the light modes. Overall, very nice product and quality.

  5. Zero Cool

    Great for More Than Just Halloween!
    I often lose power where I live, for long periods of time. Especially during this time of year when hurricanes are known to come around. Because of this, you better believe I will always have these two suckers charged up and ready to provide light! The remote control is a nice addition, but it’s not required to operate the lanterns. In other words, they can be controlled without the remote if need be. Just keep in mind that the remote takes 2 AAA batteries that are NOT included.Each lantern takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge, and can provide up to 10 hours of operation (I’m assuming on the lowest setting). And with a battery capacity of 1,200mAh, a 10,000mAh power bank could recharge one of these about 8 times! Or, BOTH of these about 4 times each.

  6. GLADFam88

    Very cool lamps with a lot of features
    I use these as Halloween decorations and they are great! They have 4 different modes including warm and cool lighting, but I usually stick to the flicker. The knob on the front allows you to adjust the brightness of the light and the charging is done via usb C port. I really like that it is a universal plug, but I would like to see 2 wires included, so you don’t have to charge these one at a time or the inclusion of a charging block.I see a lot of reviews talking about poor quality, but these feel pretty sturdy to me. The remote also feels like it is high quality and reminds me of the same style of the Amazon remotes. All the button options are great including timers and settings.

  7. JasonM

    Realistic fire flicker with several control options. Great for general lighting or party decor.
    These vintage LED lanterns are a great addition to any ambiance. The lanterns have 4 different light modes, three stationary lighting with different color temperatures and a fourth with a very realistic fire flicker effect.The lanterns are charged with a USB C cable (provided although no AC power block was included). The lanterns are operated by a remote control and a knob on the front. If the knob on the front is off, the remote does not work. The knob on the front also changes the speed of the fire flicker effect when in that mode. After the lanterns are turned on via the knob in the front, the remote has several different functions. You can turn the lanterns on and off, there are four different timers, 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, and 8 hours. There are three buttons below the timers that change to a specific one of the stationary lightings and then there is a mode toggle which switches between all 4 modes. In the middle of the timers, there is a central button which switches directly to the flicker light.Each lantern has a hanger attached so these lanterns can be either hung or placed on a flat surface. The lanterns are said to have a 10 hour battery life with a 2.5 hour charge time. There is no indicator light when charging so there is no way to know when it’s fully charged.These lights are a fun addition to a dim light setup whether it’s for general use in a yard, or decor for a party. The remote makes it easy to switch on and off without the need to walk over to each individually. The different lighting modes provide either nice light for productivity or a fun fire effect. I wish there was some sort of battery indicator but other than that, the lights are excellent.

  8. Ross

    Super cool lanterns
    These LED lanterns are pretty cool. They are quite light, somewhat plasticky, and have a nice vintage appearance.** Lighting Modes; The flame mode is pretty good, nice and bright. However, the flame image depicted in the description (flames) is not what you see, it’s more of a flickering, diffused glow, still pretty nice. While in the flame mode, the knobs control the flickering speed rather than the brightness.The other three light modes are nice and bright too, however the description says that the warm white is (2700-6500k) I assumed this could be adjusted between these color temperatures, however it cannot. I still like the light output, just something to mention. The knob in these light modes does adjust the brightness and is very functional. Just to clarify, you do get three light modes but no adjustments in-between.** Remote Control; Is powered by two AAA batteries (not included) and is strait forward. Works as expected.** Features I like about these lanterns; 1) Rechargeable batteries. USB-C charging makes it very convenient to charge just about anywhere, and with the minimum charge time of 2.5 hrs and get 10 hrs of use, nice! 2) Because they are battery operated makes it safe for indoor, in your tent, and for the kids to handle. 3) They would be actually very functional in a lights out situation, emergency preparedness. 4) They create a very pleasing atmosphere, nice warm glow, to add mood in your environment.I really enjoy having these lamps and will use them often I’m my living space for ambiance.Great value for the money!!ENJOY 🙂

  9. Farhan

    Nice looking, but battery life could be improved
    I loved the look of these, their finish, and the different modes, especially the flickering. They are light weight, but still feel well built. My biggest complaint is the battery life because it doesn’t seem to last long enough; maybe 2-3 hours.

  10. Vijay

    Great Product for great price .
    Really like the product for the price and it looks so awesome . I would definitely recommend for anyone . Made the ambience .

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