TURBRO Eternal 26-Inch Electric Fireplace Log Flame Heater, Realistic Pinewood Logs, Adjustable Flame Colors, Remote Control, Thermostat, Timer

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Product Dimensions 8.8″D x 26″W x 14″H
Material Metal
Heat Output 5120 British Thermal Units
Style Pinewood
Color Black
Ventilation Type Ventless
Included Components 1 x Electric Fireplace Logs, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Remote
Item Weight 16.72 Pounds
Model Name


  • 🔥Upgraded Infrared Heating: With an added infrared quartz tube, this 1500W zone heater can heat up a room more effectively than typical fan-forced heaters. Providing cozy warmth without drying out your skin or the room, which leads to static electricity.
  • 🔥Multiple Flame Effects: Unlike other simple electric log sets, the EF26-PB provides 5 flame options and 5 brightness levels to fit any occasion. The unique “breathing” mode gently lights the ember bed without a bright, flickering flame that can disturb your sleep.
  • 🔥Eco-Friendly Comfort: Instead of cranking up your furnace thermostat, you can use the Eternal Flame fireplace insert as a cost-effective additional heater to keep you toasty in winter. You can also use the flame-only option to enjoy realistic flames year-round without extra heating.
  • 🔥Easy to Use: No installation is needed, just plug it in and place it anywhere you like. Use the remote control and the simplified control panel to adjust the temperature and flame output while enjoying the perfect ambiance in the room.
  • 🔥Reliable Safety Protection: Overheating protection automatically shuts the heater off if the internal temperature gets too hot. The TURBRO Eternal Flame heater is CSA certified to be safe for use in North America.

Product Description

Since 2013, TURBRO has created innovative products that help people improve the comfort of their homes. The Eternal Flames series follows this mission by providing you a clean, efficient, and warm replacement for your wood or gas-burning fireplace. With The TURBRO Eternal Flame series, you get the beauty and elegance of a roaring fireplace without all the mess and odors of a traditional fireplace.

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  • Office
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TURBRO Eternal Flame EF26-PB

Pinewood Insert Heater with Realistic Flames

TURBRO EF26-PB Electric Fireplace Log Insert is a good replacement for your old wood-burning or gas fireplace. This alternative electric version has no mess, no odor, and is able to heat rooms up to 1,000 sq ft. The realistic burning logs and dancing flames will make you wonder if this is actually a real fire. This electric fireplace insert will add a new level of class to your home while giving you a warm, cozy spot to relax on a cold winter evening.

Realistic Ember Bed

The faux pinewood embers are made from a durable resin for a rustic and traditional style. The light flickering on the wood makes you wonder if you are looking at a real fireplace.

Quiet Operation

EF26-PB is a perfect decor on a quiet night. The noise level of this unit is less than 42dB. You can also mute the panel, then you are able to change the setting without making a sound.

Safety Protection

The EF26-PB is certified by CSA (603218, by CSA Group, 2021) for enhanced safety and features overheat protection. The additional child lock function makes it safer to use around kids and pets.


  • Power Supply: 110-120V/ 60Hz (3-pronged Plug)
  • Power Cord Length: About 6 ft. (The cord is on the right side when facing the product)
  • Rated Current: 13.6 A
  • Flame Brightness: 5
  • Flame Options: 5
  • Thermostat Temperature: From 70℉ to 95℉
  • Compliance Certificate: North America CSA certified
Weight 16.72 kg
Dimensions 8.8 × 26 × 14 cm





5120 British Thermal Units








1 x Electric Fireplace Logs, 1 x User Manual, 1 x Remote




1 year limited




8.8 x 26 x 14 inches, 8.8"D x 26"W x 14"H


16.72 Pounds








June 24, 2021



9 reviews for TURBRO Eternal 26-Inch Electric Fireplace Log Flame Heater, Realistic Pinewood Logs, Adjustable Flame Colors, Remote Control, Thermostat, Timer

  1. Max Daddee

    Really Puts Out Heat
    I’m converting my gas fireplace to electric and this 26-in log set is just the right size for the firebox.It really kicks out the heat, I can stand 10 ft away from it and I can feel the air movement from the heat. When shopping for a fireplace, if you want something that is more than decorative, something that contributes to heating your room definitely go with infrared.I’ve also noticed only infrared electric fireplaces are the ones that seem to have thermostats. I almost spent over $500 on a Dimplex electric log set, but it had no thermostat so you have to either let it run continuously at high or low speed and then shut it off.Noise level – it’s not as quiet as a fireplace within a cabinet, but it doesn’t really bother me. Flame settings – multiple to choose from with the main variation being the background colors. You can have the lights flicker so that makes it more realistic.The only thing I don’t like is that sometimes you have to turn up the thermostat several degrees to get it to go on again and I don’t think the room temperature is actually warm enough to call for that.I will mention this is the only 26-in infrared electric log set I was able to find. Wish more manufacturers made the bigger ones. This is probably why this one kicks out more heat than others.

  2. GypsyI

    Perfect addition to my fireplace
    I am really happy that I purchased this fireplace insert. Although it is not the most realistic looking fire, it adds a beautiful warm feeling to my livingroom and the remote is easy to use to change through the various options. The heater option is a nice touch, and although I don’t think it would heat a large room, it does take the chill out of the room. The fan is a little loud with the heater on. My big complaint with this, which is why I gave it 4 stars is that the power cord is too short, and there is no option for which side it comes out on. If your outlet is on the left, you already loose two feet to reach your outlet. We have to install a new outlet on the right side of the fireplace to use it. I checked all the other inserts, and they all come with a six foot cord. Besides the cord, I am really happy with this purchase and love the ambiance thus adds to my livingroom.

  3. Jeremy B. Pugh

    Good solution for an unused hearth fireplace.
    We have a hearth fireplace with a questionable chimney, in an area that has bad air and frequent burn restrictions. (Yep, Salt Lake City.) The dream is a gas insert which would require running pipe and making sure the chimney was sound. One day maybe. But the price was right for this thing that fit nicely in the hearth, makes a pretty nifty fake fire and puts out good (electric/expensive) heat. We keep it on fake flame only unless we’re spending time in that room and want to splurge. DO NOT buy the suggested fire crackling noise device that will show up at checkout. It is a POS. Just get a Bluetooth speaker and find campfire noises on Spotify if you want full fake fire fakeness. Basically this is a nice addition to our home at a reasonable cost in the “for now” category.

  4. Kevin Carr

    Excellent insert for replacement of real wood logs without smoke smell in room
    Excellent buy with fast delivery and easy install. Fits nicely behind fireplace screen and glass. Only recommendation would be to include let lifts approximately 3″to 4″ to allow heat to not be blocked by bottom of fireplace screening. I used two landscape bricks that worked perfect to allow unit to sit up higher.

  5. Amazon Customer

    It’s perfect
    From box to fireplace it was minutes worth of work. It came ready to use. I briefly turned the heat option on to see the out put and it was nice. I like how the flame reflects off the back of the fireplace. It’s really perfect for my liking.

  6. Montessori Mom

    Great addition to family room
    First, this is an electric fireplace, so it’s never going to be the same as a real fire. But, this little gem gives you a realistic flame and it heats the room nicely ( room is 12×20). I did not want to deal with firewood and ashes, and this fits the bill with ease.

  7. Amazon Customer

    It’s a pretty cool fireplace
    I have to clean out and remove my old logs and grill and set it in the fireplace. looks well-made and the effects and heater is a plus. I think I am going to enjoy it for sure

  8. Pat

    Beautifully made
    Love this fireplace insert! It looks great, puts out a good bit of heat when needed and works great with the remote. Highly recommend it!

  9. Angela Moore

    Great look generates good heat!
    We love this product very affordable it blows away our electric insert we had as far as heat and size!We purchased a screen from Lowe’s to go in front of it and we absolutely love it!

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