LED Flame Effect Light, PDGROW Flame Lamp 4 Modes USB Rechargeable Fire Lights Indoor Campfire Outdoor Decorative Lantern

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Style Button Control – 2 Pack
Color White
Product Dimensions 2.68\”D x 2.68\”W x 5.12\”H
Special Feature Dimmable, Timing function, Rechargeable, 4 lighting mode with multiple brightness, Can be hung
  • 【Rechargeable Battery Powered】:Our led flame effect light use a brand new battery-powered version with a battery life of up to 15 hours, designed to project a warm glow by simulating realistic flashing flame effects anytime, anywhere. also can be operated via USB port from your computer, power bank or USB charger.
  • 【4 Modes Gravity Sensing led flame light bulbs】①realistic dancing flames, â‘¡soft slow breathing flames ,â‘¢warm constant light modes , â‘£ gravity induced mode.Our flame illusion candle using the smartest LED light soft wave which generates a realistic flame effect,Like flame bulbs flickering outdoor.And no matter how you place your battery powered flame light upside down, the gravity sensing function of the flame lamp always make the galloping flame goes from the bottom to the top.
  • 【Magnet Base & Hanging Hook Design】The rechargeable outdoor light is the perfect alternative to a traditional flaming light bulbs.Our flaming light bulbs table lamp can works as a independent flame light fixture without hold base or any cables.Our flame lamp with flip-out hook for hanging and magnetic base, which can be firmly attached to any metal surface, easy to place your LED flame light anywhere you want .
  • 【Real Flame Effect &Energy Saving】:Our flame effect light using the smartest LED light software which generates a more realistic flame effect,which is not only ensure safety but also has longer lifespan.After more than 3 months of normal use, the light is still very bright.The flame light bulb can be used as decoration for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Valentine\’s Day
  • 【Wide Application & 1-Year Warranty】led flame lights for churches, castles, abbeys, bedrooms, living rooms, bars, hotels, nightclubs, outdoor gardens, Camping ,villas, wedding decorations. Any problem with our flame effect light, please contact us for replacement or full refund.

Product Description

PDGROW Lighting’s LED flame lights can add a unique touch to your house’s interior or exterior. These led flame lamps use a brand new battery-powered version with a battery life of up to 15 hours, designed to project a warm glow by simulating realistic flashing flame effects anytime, anywhere. You can use it as a holiday decoration light for special occasions such as Halloween or Christmas, or you can place it in fixtures such as lanterns, frosted glass containers or porch lights for optimal use, and even bring them to your Campground!

Campfire light

You can use it to make a fake campfire, which will be very beautiful at night, and the remote control makes it easy to open and close.

Funny Night light

These are really cool! They have many options. Flame, regular light, and breath, dim or high, and you can set it to turn off after 1,2,3 or 4 hours.

IP44 Waterproof

This Led flame lamp is waterproof, but the waterproof level is low. It must not be placed outdoors on rainy days!

Bar decor light

This flame lamp can decorate the bar, and the flame-like light makes the bar look more beautiful.

Wide Application

Better lamp for Home, Garden, Bedroom, Living Room, restaurant, cafe, bar, hotel, night clubs, outdoor gardens, Coffee shop, villas, wedding ,party, church, castle and more.

1. Christmas decoration

This flame lamp can be used during Christmas, it can be given to children as a gift, it can be hung on the Christmas tree for decoration, or it can be used to decorate the dining table.

2. Halloween decoration

This flame light can also be used during Halloween. It can be put into a pumpkin. The flickering flame makes the pumpkin look better. It can also be used to decorate Halloween lanterns.

3. Campfire Party Decor

If you want to hold a campfire party, then our fire light is a good choice. Flame lights in various modes will make this party very beautiful.


Material: LED+PP
Weight: 230g
Dimension: 68x68x130mm/2.68×2.68×5.12 inches
Charging Time: 4 hours
Continuous Use Time: 20 hours
Battery Capacity: 1200mAh
Input: DC5V 1A
Number of LEDs: 90pcs
BrighColor Temperature: 150lumens(Max)1300-1500Ktness:
Dimensions 2.68 × 5.12 cm

‎Button Control – 2 Pack






‎Dimmable, Timing function, Rechargeable, 4 lighting mode with multiple brightness, Can be hung






Plastic, Metal




‎Battery Powered




‎Push Button






‎Flame lantern


5 watts




‎8 ounces


‎2.68 x 2.68 x 5.12 inches, ‎2.68"D x 2.68"W x 5.12"H




‎1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)


‎5.12 inches


‎2.68 inches


‎2.68 inches






‎6 Watts


‎5 Volts


‎Home decoration , party decorative light, night light , garden or outdoor light ,etc.


‎Dimmable, Timing function, Rechargeable, 4 lighting mode with multiple brightness, Can be hung








‎150 Lumen


‎1500 Kelvin




October 29, 2020



9 reviews for LED Flame Effect Light, PDGROW Flame Lamp 4 Modes USB Rechargeable Fire Lights Indoor Campfire Outdoor Decorative Lantern

  1. jpm

    Worked Great for Me
    Having two lights doubles the output/brightness if they are together, that’s perfect because they aren’t too bright. Though they come with two remotes, one remote can be used to turn on and adjust both at once. The flickering pattern is identical for the lights, so if they are started together they flicker in sync, not randomly like you might expect from a fire. If you start two of them at different times it will look more random. The orange color is similar to a normal flame. To get the best effect these should be out of view and the flickering orange color should shine onto a wall or something. This is how I’ve used it and it worked very well. Battery life and charging time was fine. The logo text around the bottom and the white color are not ideal, but if it’s out of sight anyway then it’s not a big deal. The hook on the bottom and magnetic mounting option are nice but I didn’t use them.

  2. S. Woods

    Portable Flame light with USB charge and multi function, what a great product!
    I purchased these lights after seeing them used online as I am 3d printing some lamps that I still have to print fully. These come with 3 functions of light, flickering, slow pulse and on. They give off enough light that they could be used in an emergency and since they are USB chargeable, can be plugged into a battery pack or now even most cars. Also they come with a hanger that can be folded back on the bottom for them to stand upright. I would purchase these again as they are a good buy and very useful.

  3. Jamie

    Absolutely love the ambiance
    I bought a 2 pack of these based upon reviews. I originally bought them to fake the funk in my fireplace but found an even better look. I have 2 fall lanterns that have a pattern on the glass and with these 2 beautiful flickering lights behind it, they are gorgeous. I also love the fact that I can charge these which is quite a selling point. For each season, I will be using these candles in a different way or with different decor. I’m super happy with them and would definitely buy them again.

  4. Kevin G Schoeler

    Great Alternative to Using Live Flames
    These LED Flame Lights gave us a safe and great alternative to using gas flames in our fireplace. These flame lights give off a nice glow and color that simulates the movement of flames…just enough to give our fireplace a bit more presence and ambiance. The lights are easy to operate and the charge seems to last a decent amount of time–we have not yet had to recharge.

  5. mike

    Very nice flickering candle
    Had an issue with a broken usb connector on the candle, contacted the seller and they sent out a replacement quickly. We are very happy with this product. If you are unsure, just buy it and I’m sure you will be delighted with it. It really does look like a flickering fire. Also the remote works great and has other lighting options.

  6. cirquedallas

    Beautiful, safe, flickering!
    Absolutely love these little lanterns! I put them in some mercury glass vases and get so many compliments on them. The charge lasts for days, running them 8+ hours a day and they charge easily. I want to buy a few more to put in my fireplace.

  7. MadCityJack

    Have to manually turn on and set timer with every use.
    We really like the way this allows us to simulate burning logs. The only issue, is that compared with other battery powered candles, with this one each use requires manually turning on the unit and setting the duration. Our other “candles” are automatically set so that once set up, they come on at the same time and duration daily. It would be wonderful if the candles also included burning fire sound option(s).

  8. Michael Vayakornvichit

    Generated great ambiance for Halloween!
    These led lamps helped set the ambiance for our halloween event this year. i did wish the brand name is a bit more… inconspicuous but otherwise it worked perfectly! Easy to set up and the remote works with no need to sync

  9. Radi8grl

    I love this light
    So many uses! I use it mostly on my porch outside, I love having something that I can just recharge. The battery life is fantastic and I like having a remote! It was a good purchase!

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