E26 Christmas Decorations LED Flame Light Bulbs, 4 Modes Fire Light Bulbs, E26 Base Flame Bulb, Christmas Party, Indoor and

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Light Type LED
Special Feature Color, Frosted
Wattage 3 watts
Bulb Base E26
  • 🔥Realistic fire effect. Through our continuous testing and improvement, this bulb presents a realistic flame flickering effect.You just screw the bulb into the base of the E26 and enjoy the flame of the LED.
  • 🔥4 Modes. Flickering light bulbs has flame emulation mode, breathing mode, general light mode and gravity induced mode(upside down). Quickly turn the switch off and on again, and the bulb will switch to the next mode.
  • 🔥Energy efficient design. The power of this flickering light bulbs is 3W, which is 90% more energy efficient than ordinary light bulbs. There are cooling holes at the bottom of the bulb, so it won\’t get hot even if you use it for a long time. The service life of LED bulbs is generally up to 100,000 hours.
  • 🔥The perfect substitute for candles and kerosene lanterns. The bulbs can be used on fireplaces, front patio lights, lanterns, chandeliers, street lights, wall sconces, etc.
  • 🔥These bulbs are great for decorating for Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine\’s Day, Easter and other holidays.






Dimensions 5 × 2.64 cm





‎Color, Frosted






2 Count






‎2 Count (Pack of 4)


‎Normal bulb


‎Outdoor, Indoor


‎Push Button


‎SKU200042-2 Pack


‎3.52 ounces


‎6.1 x 5 x 2.64 inches




‎2 Pack – Yellow


‎Color, Frosted








4.5 watts, ‎3 watts




November 18, 2016



10 reviews for E26 Christmas Decorations LED Flame Light Bulbs, 4 Modes Fire Light Bulbs, E26 Base Flame Bulb, Christmas Party, Indoor and

  1. Barclay Bicksler

    Good for Halloween, but not accurately depicted in the picture
    These are fine, I bought them to use during fall/halloween to give a torch effect on my porch. They do what I want them to, although the “flame” look is more of just an orange glow that gives off a flame like appearance, I have seen other that actually look like a flame, similar to what was pictured on the product page. These are not that. They were cheap and they do what I want so I will give them 4 stars, but if they were much more I would have dropped this to 3 or possibly just returned them.

  2. Arthur M. Cutshall

    These look great
    These are great, I love the look and flickering effect of real flame. This is as close to a lightbulb has gotten to capturing flames. I have tested these out but as I have not completed the renovation on the area they are to be installed I can’t speak to longevity. The fact that you can control them with your smart phone is also a plus.

  3. beepayz

    These look Cool!
    These are made in China and are not UL listed or certified. They do work nicely however and have not burned out in over a month of nightly use. The look best in opaque fixtures so as to give that flickering gaslamp or lantern look. I like them alot and they are perfect for Halloween and the Holidays!

  4. Tony C.

    Realistic Flame Bulb
    They came sooner than expected and based on other purchaser’s previous negative reviews I was expecting the worse. That can’t be further from the truth. They are pretty cool! My only issue is that the page states that the bulbs have “4 modes”. There is not product sheet in the box to explain how to cycle from one mode to another.UPDATE:Through trial and error I found that by using the light’s on/off switch you can change the “mode” by simply turning the light on and off. Unfortunately, there are only two modes and not four … steady on and flicker. But a good purchase none-the-less

  5. Madison Pierce

    Def pick this up!
    I used this light on our 12ft skeleton to light up his rib cage. It was perfect & worked wonderfully. I look forward to using it each year now! The light was bright & flickered nicely. I had a lot of compliments on Halloween!

  6. Heather

    Just what I was looking for
    I got 1 from Walmart awhile ago but couldn’t find another so I went to Amazon looking and found these glad there was 2 of them. They don’t give off much light but I really wasn’t going for that just wanted them for the way they look.

  7. LibertyBelle

    Not as bright as we would like
    Looks great just not as bright as we wanted but worth the purchase.

  8. Ken

    Couldn’t use
    I couldn’t use them where I wanted to, because I forgot I changed to a different socket style, so I returned them. Im sure they would have been great.

  9. Eric Robinson

    Exterior Light
    Exactly what we were hoping for, they add the prefect lighting effect for our exterior

  10. coptermedic

    We saw these when out on a walk and decided to get one (well, two)
    Very distinctive. We put it in a post lamp out front of the house, and it looks reasonably authentic, as it casts a warm, orangish glow behind the glass, and the flames are regularly irregular. I’m pleased with the purchase.

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