E26 LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs – E26 LED Bulb with Gravity Sensor Flame Night Bulb for Holiday Gifts Home Hotel Bar

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Brand HoogaLife
Light Type LED
Special Feature Design from California, U.S. Patented
Wattage 4 watts
Bulb Base E26
  • 🔥Firelike LED flame🔥 – Beacon Led flame bulb lets you have the cozy and inviting visual warmth, The firelike color, clarity, and flickering motion of the Beacon Lighting bulb provides an amazing ambiance without the hazard and smoke of the fire.
  • 🔥Easy to use🔥 – Fire bulb screws into any standard electric light bulb socket. In the time it takes to change a light bulb, you can convert your Outdoor Lamp Post, Garage Lights, indoor floor lamp, ceiling light, or any other light fixture into a simulated flame.
  • 🔥Innovative Design🔥 – Made with patented technology, 75 LEDs flash to mimic replicate the look of an actual flame. Plus, using only 4 watts of highly efficient energy.


Dimensions 1.4 × 4.25 cm





‎Design from California, U.S. Patented






‎120 Volts


2 Count






‎2 Count (Pack of 1)


‎Normal bulb


‎Outdoor, Indoor


‎Push Button


‎2 Bulb included




‎3.52 ounces


‎1.4 x 1.4 x 4.25 inches


‎4.25 inches


‎1.4 inches


‎1.4 inches


‎2 Pack


‎Design from California, U.S. Patented








‎4 watts




December 29, 2018



9 reviews for E26 LED Flame Effect Light Bulbs – E26 LED Bulb with Gravity Sensor Flame Night Bulb for Holiday Gifts Home Hotel Bar

  1. JBK

    Cool fire light without the flame!
    At first I thought it didn’t work, but I had trialed it in a light that had a 3 way switch. But when I figured that out it worked perfectly. I put it outside in my porch light for Halloween instead of the plain old orange one I used to use. Nice flame looking light with enough brightness to give light to my porch without looking like a night light or a blaze! So much more fun. Not terribly expensive for 2 bulbs. Gave one to my son! An inexpensive way to add some fun to your holiday

  2. JamJar

    Fun for a Halloween effect or for lighting a dark hallway.
    These bulbs gave me the effect that I had hoped for. They’re very fun. However they are not as bright as a regular light bulb so if you’re hoping to light up an area with them, you won’t get what you would with a normal light bulb. They are supposed to work right side up or upside down and they don’t. They only work with the socket at the base instead of at the top. That was disappointing.

  3. John H.

    She loves them!
    I just ordered another pair for the side entrance. They are bright enough to see the stairs and find the door lock. They really do look like gaslight flames from a few feet. They give our house a nice look. I cannot speak to longevity as I just installed them. I do have to say the fixture is base up and they switched to the appropriate flame setting. So far, so good!

  4. Waldo

    Way more convincing than I thought they would be
    I got these as a joke. I have a wood stove sitting in a room that I just bought but it will be a while before I install it. I decided to put two of these in the firebox (at the end of electric cords) and “light them up” as a concession to my wife due to the wait. They look great – much better than I thought. It really looks like we have a fire in the stove. The effect is actually very lovely. On the first night with them on my 12 year old checked in with me before bed to make sure I knew we were all going to bed while the stove was lit. They work that well.

  5. Brian D

    These are so freakin cool looking!
    I’ve had a couple of flame lightbulbs in the past…and they were just kind of “meh”. Not these! No no! These bulbs are really awesome! I have one in the lamp post next to my driveway and one in the fixture above my front door and it really looks like I have 19th century gas lamps going out there. They look so good that, on more than one occasion, I’ve walked past the window and thought “Holy crap! The house is on fire!” Recommend 100 percent and plan on sticking with his brand in the future. They aren’t the brightest I will confess…but that’s not what I bought them for. The other nice thing with these bulbs is they are skinny. Most of the fire bulbs are bulky things and so they limit your ability to use in certain fixtures. So if you are looking for a bulb that really LOOKS like a flame, especially out of the corner of your eye, then this is the one for you!

  6. Cheryl

    Very pretty!
    I love these! They make a very believable flame. I put one in my porch light and had multiple people ask me if that’s normal, lol. They give off as much light as a flame that size would, so it’s very believable. They fit in any normal light socket.I haven’t used them in any motion detection sockets so on that I’m not sure but didn’t want to give it low stars as that could be misconstrued.

  7. HGSJR

    Good company…great product!
    I ordered a 4 pack and one bulb didn’t work…the company sent me two to replace it! I am so impressed!Bulbs look light gas lights burning! Great!

  8. Michael A

    It’s not so easy to find the perfect LED light that mimics flames but this one does it.
    I wanted lights that simulate the randomness dancing of flames for wall sconces in a 90 yr old home. I have no dimmer switches or anything like that so modes didn’t interest me. I must have searched 2 dozen different manufacturers of LED flame lights. Reading each page from the top to the bottom, over and over. Only a few will have video on the product page that shows the actual light on. Most have vague descriptions and stock edited photography and not an actual image of the light in action.I found several wonderful looking flame shaped glass bulbs but the “flame” flickering did not resemble fire at all. Others would be in perfect synchronation and since I have 4 bulbs it would look silly, more like a neon sign dancing in unison. Others were as bright as a 60 watt equivalent bulb, way too bright for my application.I tried cheap ones, I tried the ones with the most ratings…. Not what I was looking for.Finally I saw these, the most expensive of all I looked at. The video on the product description showed it was definitely a light with flame behavior but would it be too bright?! I wanted dim light, simulating candles.Well these lights are exactly what I was looking for all along. They may cost a little bit more but these lights look so cool! The one single thing I do not like is the shape of the glass, a flame tip case would have been neat but with such great lighting effects one doesn’t even notice. I almost want to buy another for the porch outside…

  9. Paul C LoPresto

    This light lasted three nights and doesn’t work anymore I want my money back
    This light lasted three nights I want my money back

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