Best Flame Heater: Buyer’s Guide

If you live in a cold region or are prone to cough and cold then you need to set up a heater in your place. The recent models of heaters not just provide you with enough warmth but also enhance the decor of your space. One of the unique and advanced forms of heaters is the flame heater. They are compact heating devices that normally emit 500W to 1500W of heat. They are competent in performing the job of a huge space heater, and at a significantly cheaper cost. What makes them stand out from other types of heaters is that they warm up a room in a few minutes and come with flame effect decoration. You simply need to plug them into any electric outlet and they will stay suspended there. If you want to become familiar with how to end up selecting the best flame heater, you can continue reading the article below.

List of The Best Flame Heater

Check out the thorough reviews of the best flame heater below.

1. Dyna-Glo Natural Gas Blue Flame Wall Heater

Dyna-Glo Natural Gas Blue Flame Wall Heater

This Dyna-Glo blue flame wall heater proves to be the best blue flame heater on this list due to its efficient heat output and broad heat coverage. It is suitable for use in homes, cabins, and garages. It doesn’t need electricity to operate. So, it is an outstanding choice for everyday heating and emergencies when a power outage occurs.

Dyna-Glo natural gas wall heater with blue flame is famous for being cost-effective. It can cut down on your electricity bills because it warms up only the occupied areas. It automatically adjusts as per your desired temperature. You only need to do a continuous press on the battery-assisted igniter to make the ignition process easy and quick. All required hardware and bracket is included for wall mounting.

Key Features

  • The implemented blue flame heating technology distributes heat just like a central home heating system.
  • It burns with 99.9% efficiency and it only operates on natural gas.
  • The range of adjustable heat output is 15, 000-30, 000 BTUs/hr. You can obtain heat output in this range for up to 1, 000 sq. ft.
  • The built-in thermostat control knob automatically retains your ideal heat level.
  • It offers reliable backup heating during emergencies because it doesn’t run on electricity.
  • The built-in oxygen depletion sensor (ODS) instantly shuts down the heater if a lack of oxygen or carbon monoxide is detected.
  • You can separately buy and mount base legs for floor installation.

Pros And Cons

  • Vent-free operation
  • Comes in handy in emergencies and power outages
  • Automatically maintains ideal heat level
  • Broad heat coverage
  • Easy to install
  • Stand legs are absent

2. TURBRO Eternal 26-Inch Log Flame Heater

TURBRO Eternal 26-Inch Log Flame Heater

TURBRO 1500W log flame heater can warm up a room more efficiently than standard fan-forced heaters. This is because it is equipped with an extra infrared quartz tube. The heat output provides warmth without drying out the room or your skin. Rather than turning up a furnace thermostat, you can use TURBRO flame electric fireplace enclosure as an economical additional heater to retain warmth inside the room. The flame-only option is available to provide realistic flames all through the year, without extra heating.

You need not install any accessories, simply plug it in and keep it anywhere you prefer. You can use the intuitive control panel and the remote control to vary the flame output and temperature.

Key Features

  • It runs on a 110-120V/ 60Hz (3-pronged Plug) power supply and the rated current is 13.6A.
  • The range of thermostat temperature is 70℉ to 95℉.
  • The noise level is below 42 dB.
  • The child lock function guarantees safe to use around pets and kids.
  • It offers 5 brightness levels and 5 flame options to suit any occasion.
  • The ‘breathing’ mode softly illuminates the ember bed without a vivid, flickering flame. So, your sleep stays undisturbed.
  • When the eater becomes too hot, it shuts off automatically.
  • The built-in safety fuse provides overloaded heat protection.
  • The length of the power cord is 6 feet.

Pros And Cons

  • Adjustable flame colors
  • Overload heat protection implemented
  • Safe to use around pets and kids
  • Flame output and temperature are adjustable
  • Needs a bit of calibration
  • The used plastic is not of superior quality

3. BEYOND BREEZE 1200W Portable Flame Heater

BEYOND BREEZE 1200W Portable Flame Heater

If you are looking to have an efficient heat output and stunning flame effects then this BEYOND BREEZE portable flame heater can be your best flame heater. It is well-known for presenting elegant realistic dancing flames. Moreover, the burning log design turns it into a 3-D fireplace heater. The realistic flame effect makes your room appear more decorative while also offering enough warmth.

BEYOND BREEZE flame heater offers broad heat coverage due to a fan-forced dispersion design. Usually, it is best suitable for warming up medium-sized rooms. Its physical design features a molded top handle and a cool-to-the-touch body. So, it is safe to touch and move anywhere.

Key Features

  • It comes with three heat settings namely high (1200W), low (600W), and 3-D flame only.
  • The advanced ceramic heating technology is implemented to rapidly warm your room in minutes.
  • An overheat protection sensor and a tip-over switch are included to automatically shut off the heater if it becomes too hot. In case it becomes excessively hot, you need to unplug the power cord and wait for 3-5 minutes, now again turn it on.
  • It is ETL certified for safe use.
  • The materials used in its construction are tempered glass, metal, ceramic, and alloy steel.

Pros And Cons

  • Easy to assemble
  • Decent value for the money
  • Cool touch exterior cabinet
  • Overheat and tip-over safety protection
  • Realistic 3D flame effect
  • Can quickly heat your room in minutes
  • The fan is a bit loud

4. Kentsky 42 Inches Electric Fireplace Flame Heater

Kentsky 42 Inches Electric Fireplace Flame Heater

What makes this Kentsky electric fireplace heater stand out is it supports multiple flames and flame colors. It has multiple flames and various LED fuel bed flame colors. You can adjust the flame colors to outfit different environments. It is also equipped with crystals and lots for DIY decoration. These components coordinate with the realistic flame. This wall fireplace flame heater is suitable for creating a cozy atmosphere with low noise. It is perfect for bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, offices, study rooms, etc.

Sufficient internal space is available for proper air circulation and ventilation. So, the heater can quickly heat the room. Its user-friendly touchscreen allows you to manipulate different settings and options. Moreover, you can easily control its features via the included remote control. For example, you can control a 1-9 hour timer, power on/off, heat setting, temperature setting, flame effects, and flame colors.

Key Features

  • It offers two heat modes i.e. 750W and 1500W heat modes. They are suitable for energy-saving and heating purposes.
  • You can turn off the heating function with the light on and beautifying flame.
  • The temperature control mechanism maintains the room temperature in the range of 62°F to 99°F.
  • You can hang it or recess it on a wall. It doesn’t occupy much space. You only need to assemble the brackets for wall mounting.

Pros And Cons

  • Overheating protection
  • Easy to change the flame color
  • Elegant and realistic flame
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Supports multiple flame effects
  • Pressing remote buttons make a loud beep

5. Shinic 1500W Electric Fireplace Flame Heater

Shinic 1500W Electric Fireplace Flame Heater

The sophisticated appearance and different color options allow this Shinic electric flame heater to suit different occasions. You can use it in an office, living room, and bedroom. You can independently operate both the sound effect and flame effect without heating. So, this Shinic flame heater can be used all through the year.

The 3D dancing flame with soothing fire crackling sound presents an immersive experience. You can easily move the heater from one room to another.

Key Features

  • 3 heat settings are 750W (low heat) /1500W (high heat)/ FAN.
  • The heat output is 5,118 BTUs.
  • Using a manual adjustment thermostat, the heater will auto-cycle on & off as per the room’s ambient temperature. So, it maintains a cozy temperature.
  • The tip-over protection mechanism and an overheat protection are implemented to automatically shut off the heater when the temperature is tipped over or excessive.
  • The heat coverage area is up to 200 sq. ft.
  • The case is built from V0 cool-to-touch, flame-retardant material to ensure safety.
  • The heater passes the ETL certification.
  • Its operation is free from smoke, dust, and noise. So, it contributes to a quiet and clean living space.

Pros And Cons

  • Can warm up your room in minutes
  • Safety shut-off protection implemented
  • Easy to move around
  • Cool-to-touch material enhances safety
  • Doesn’t release harmful substances
  • The remote is absent

6. Xbeauty Freestanding Electric Fireplace Flame Heater

Xbeauty Freestanding Electric Fireplace Flame Heater

Are you looking for the best flame heater that can heat up quickly and cover wide space? If yes then you can invest in this Xbeauty fireplace heater. Its appearance boasts a classic retro style and elegant design. The log and vivid flame create a stunning visual experience. You can feel this experience in a study room, bedroom, and living room. Cutting-edge infrared heating technology is implemented to offer safety.

 Key Features

  • It supports two heating modes i.e. 1000W and 1500W to suit different environments and requirements.
  • It can heat up to 400 sq. ft.
  • The average heating duration is 5 to 7 minutes.
  • The maximum noise is up to 40 dB.
  • The overheating protection system automatically shuts off the power when the temperature attains a critical level to guarantee the safety of the user.
  • The base of the furnace contains knobs for adapting the brightness and thermostat of the flame.
  • The vents are equipped at the base of the furnace. They significantly decrease the noise produced by the heater while it is working.
  • The dimensions and weight of this heater are 23.6″(L) X 12.6″ (W) X 22.5″ (H) and 21 lbs respectively. So, the heater is portable, lightweight, and easy to move.

Pros And Cons

  • Viewing angle adjustable on three sides
  • Automatic power-off functions prevent overheating
  • Easy to adjust the flame intensity
  • Offers broad coverage area for heating
  • The vents decrease the heater’s noise
  • Takes a while to change the temperature

7. TURBRO Firelake 27-Inch Electric Fireplace Heater

TURBRO Firelake 27-Inch Electric Fireplace Heater

This TURBRO electric fireplace heater provides warmth and adds an elegant look to your room. It is therefore the best flame heater to revamp the appearance of your space. Its design features a three-sided glass that lets you enjoy the vibes of dancing flames from any direction in the room. Even when it’s working at its full capacity, the entire exterior stays cool to the touch. No worries when pets and kids play around it.

Key Features

  • The rated power is 1400W, the heat output is 4,780 BTU.
  • It works on a 110-120V / 60 Hz power supply, power consumption is 12.7A at 120V.
  • The length of the power cord is 6 feet.
  • It can heat up to 400 sq. ft. area.
  • The heating method is convective.
  • The noise level is below 37 dBA.
  • The materials used in the construction are metal, glass, and wood.
  • The installation type is freestanding.
  • The heater offers supplemental zone heating for a bedroom, dining room, and a small living room.
  • The overheating protection automatically shuts off the heater if the internal temperature becomes excessively hot.
  • You can vary the temperature in a range of 62℉ to 82℉.
  • The 6-hour timer function is available to set the running time of the heater.
  • You can set the flame in one of the 6 colors. Alternatively, you can automatically let all colors run in a cycle.

Pros And Cons

  • Elegant view from the panoramic three-sided glass
  • Flat-top can be used as a display table
  • Heats the room in minutes
  • The heating element is very quiet
  • No wheels included for movement

How To Pick The Best Flame Heater?

The factors discussed below can simplify your buying decision for the best flame heater.

1. Flames

Different manufacturers of flame heaters will implement their unique flame effect technology. However, most flame heaters can generate realistic flame effects. The options for adjusting the flame effects, brightness, colors, and speeds will differ between different manufacturers. So, you need to choose a flame heater that best meets the flame-related features you are looking for.

2. Output

The heat output is measured in BTUs. It is better to go for a flame heater that can generate a minimum of 5,000 BTU of heat output. This amount of heat is inevitable to generate enough heat and flame effect. Some of the top-notch flame heaters from renowned manufacturers can produce heat output in the range of 15,000 BTU – 30,000 BTU.

3. Area covered for heating

You must consider the area that needs to be warmed. Essentially, you need to decide whether you want to warm up a small personal space or a large room. Some flame heaters may not heat a large area, so using such an underpowered heater would be ineffective. Note that the energy consumption (watts) of the flame heater will be in proportion to the area (square footage) of the room.

4. Temperature control system

Certain flame heaters support only on or off mode, whereas some other flame heaters allow you to set the desired temperature. You may find a thermostat in many flame eaters. The thermostat control knob can automatically maintain the ideal heat level or may allow you to adjust the temperature you need. The flame heaters equipped with a thermostat prove to be quite efficient in the long run. This is because they allow you to set the desired temperature and thus save energy. You also need to check the range of temperature being supported.

5. Portability

Some flame heaters are designed with wheeled bases that allow you to move them easily. If you want to easily relocate your flame heater around your space then make sure to choose the one with a wheeled base and casters.

Frequently Asked Questions When Picking The Best Flame Heater

Q1. Which flame color is the best for heating in a flame heater?

The blue flame color is the best because it guarantees complete combustion. It suggests that the gas burns efficiently without leaving off any unburned and waste gas. Complete combustion offers you the maximum heat output from the gas being fed inside your flame heater. Moreover, it ensures that less is used to produce heat.

Q2. What leads to the heater flame going out?

If your heater flame continues to go out it can be due to the furnace continuously shutting off due to low airflow. The low airflow can be due to dirty air filters. If you don’t replace your air filters regularly they will become clogged and dirty. It implies that the heat exchanger holds heat and ultimately causes it to overheat. The reason for the heater flame going out can be the thermostat malfunctioned or broken.

Q3. Which fuel gases are used for heating purposes?

Hydrocarbons like ethylene, methane, propane, acetylene, and hydrogen or propylene are used as fuel gases for flame heating. Various factors need to be considered when selecting a fuel gas for flame treatments based on the outcome or properties desired. The fuel as used and the oxygen mixing ratio decide the temperature and intensity of the flame.

Final Thoughts

It is a wide decision to invest in any of these flame heaters and benefit from their outstanding heating capabilities and advanced features. They are designed to warm individual rooms and small to wide spaces. They are renowned for their realistic flame effects, high heating efficiency, portable design, and lots of safety features. Based on the heat output you need, the flame effect you want, and other anticipated features, you can choose the best flame heater from the list above.

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